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Tips for Solarization


Courtesy of Istanbul Sera Plastik San.Tic.A.Ş.

1-      In order to make plain use of sun energy during the application of solarisation, the cover should be cleaned if there is any dust over it.

2-      The area of application that will be treated should be processed up to 30-40 cm depth at first, the surface of ground should be balanced and rocks should be taken out.

3-      To increase the heat conductivity of the soil you should water your field up to 40-50 cm depth.

4-      You should press the field of your greenhouse to have a smooth surface.

5-      It is important that the field should stay wet. If you are using dropping system, the tubes of this system should be ready before using solarisation.

6-      The surface of soil should be covered with transparent polyethylene which thickness is between of 0,025mm and 0,1mm. During it is being applied, care should be taken on the cover to make it tense on soil; also gas bubble shouldn’t be in cover. Soil and cover should touch each other completely.

7-      Cover edges should be buried into pre dug slots at a depth of 15-20cm. We should consider not leaving exposed soil around.

8-      Execution time is usually 4-6 weeks. This period can be increased up to 8-10 weeks to prevent some diseases which are living in the depths of the soil. Also, low or half fumigants doses of some applied methods should be combined.

9-      Once the application is ended, new soil is very sensitive to be infected by microorganisms because of partial sterilization. In this way, attention should be paid to the soils of seedlings which can bring some diseases.

10-   After this application, the soil should not be processed more deeply than 15cm.

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