Top 10 reasons why Schools Academies should be reducing their energy consumption


Courtesy of Drumbeat Energy Limited

1.       Energy prices are rising – it doesn’t mean costs have to – you can do something about it

2.       Finances are tight and good financial management is one of the things Ofsted look for – Value for Money – this can be a shining example of good practice – facilitate targeting of scarce resources at the school’s primary responsibility of teaching and learning

3.       Benefits can be delivered quickly. School Business Managers are busy – we can relieve a burden and deliver benefits

4.       Legislative Requirements (e.g. Display Energy Certificates) can be met as part of an energy management system

5.       Energy/Carbon taxes are now a fact of life – but these can be minimised

6.       Energy Management Best Practice must be promoted with improved environmental performance

7.       Implement good practices that will complement your existing management processes

8.       Engage the whole school community and provide educational opportunities using your own facilities – real life example with demonstrable results!

9.       Cost savings applied to other more important learning tools and resources

10.   Achieving self-sufficiency in energy management in a school today will reap quick rewards, enhancing your school’s reputation as thought-leaders in energy reduction practices.

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