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Transition towards a green economy: role of FDI

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The energy use in India is at present considerably higher than a few decades ago, mainly as a result of economic growth. The primary source of energy in India, thermal power, is a source of greenhouse gas emissions. To stabilise the CO
emissions and promote sustainable development, economic development must go hand in hand with low-carbon society’s development. A transition towards a green economy will require a shift away from current production and consumption patterns of energy. This is achievable through improved process and end-use energy efficiency, and increased adoption of cleaner energy sources. Fostering increased investments in clean energy and energy efficiency is an important step to achieving more sustainable economic development. Therefore, we have undertaken this study that attempts to examine the impact of FDI in Indian power sector on the path of clean energy.

Keywords: Indian power sector, foreign direct investment, FDI, impact of FDI, energy efficiency, renewable energy, green economy

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