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Trung Son hydropower project : overview and update

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Trung Son is a $411.57 million medium-sized hydropower and development project located in Northwest Vietnam that will supply least-cost electric power for domestic consumption in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner and will contribute to improvements in dam safety in the power sector in Vietnam. The project will also contribute to the climate change agenda in Vietnam by avoiding CO2 emissions of about one million tons per year (net) taking into account the additional low emissions from its reservoir. Trung Son hydropower project includes the development, construction, and operation of the power plant using water from the Ma River and releasing it into the same basin. The project's development objective is linked to supply of the least-cost electric power in a safe and environmentally and socially sustainable way. The Trung Son hydropower project is an example of how hydropower can help support Vietnam's development in an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable way.

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