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Turkey's nuclear energy policy: towards a sustainable energy mix?

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To originate new sustainable development policies is a prerequisite for achieving a higher level of worldwide economic and social development. The efficiency of a sustainable development policy could, and should, be measured by a multi–dimensional analysis that comprises all social, economic and environmental factors. Acknowledging the requirement to have a sustainable energy mix, net energy importer Turkey has initiated its nuclear energy programme. However, this move by Turkey also brings forth certain environmental, social and economic issues that have been a matter of ongoing debate. This study aims not only to contribute to the debate by providing a balanced enquiry of nuclear energy's pros and cons, but also to determine the pre–conditions for it to prompt Turkey to reach a sustainable energy future. The nuclear option has a significant potential to drive Turkey's transition to sustainable energy as long as several environmental, social and economic risk factors are minimised.

Keywords: sustainability, nuclear energy, energy policy, energy mix, social issues, environmental issues, economic issues, Turkey, nuclear power, sustainable development

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