Types of Solar Outdoor Lights

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Solar outdoor lights are slowly being taken up as a great alternative to grid lighting. This is actually a very good investment because it is very durable and provides good quality lighting for much less over time. It is also a green source of lighting since there are no emissions into the environment associated with solar lighting.

Some people think that outdoor solar lighting is a little limiting since the idea they have of it is only regular tall street lights or small portable lights that are used to light up your front porch for once season and are then forgotten the next. The truth is that solar lighting offers a wide range of choices and you can find it for different purposes.

Security lighting

The biggest reason for outdoor lighting is usually security. Most compounds usually have dark or shaded areas and solar security lighting illuminates these areas. You can have the lights with motion sensors so that they switch on any time someone walks past that particular area. This saves a lot of energy because the lights come on only when they are required. You can also have them with the ability to change brightness at different times of the day so as to only have the most amount of brightness when it is really required.  

Floodlights and Spotlights

These two types of lights are used to highlight specific areas of a lawn or area. You can shine them on a specific feature like a garden, water feature or even rock formations provided you want it to get more attention.

You can have them in a color that blends in with your surroundings to enhance that natural feel. They can light up large areas and good quality solar floodlights and spotlights can last around 10 hours uninterrupted. 

Walkway lighting

Nights get dark and walking up a pathway or walkway can be dangerous in the dark. Lighting these up will allow you to see your way better and also beautify the walkway itself. You can have at ground level or a little higher with stakes. They disperse very little light and this means that they last very long.

Lamp posts

These are available to illuminate driveways, boat docks and any other use you may have for them. You can attach them to other places like the side of your house since they can be properly secured without worrying about them being damaged by extreme weather. You can also find others that can stand on their own.

Solar lamp posts are usually much brighter than other kinds so they may use a lot of energy.

There is also a wide variety in terms of design. You can have any kind of theme and you will be sure to find solar outdoor lights that fit in perfectly. You will find those with metallic finishes for a rustic feel or even those that work well with a Victorian theme. 

You do not have to worry about safety or conservation with solar lighting. They have no wiring so there is no chance of exposed wires or electrocution. These lights conserve the environment and energy. You don’t have to worry about power outages since they do not rely on the main grid for power, leaving you with uninterrupted outdoor lighting.

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