UK AD & Biogas Food for thought?


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Food for thought?
Showcasing their latest systems for converting food waste, entec biogas gmbh sees the Show as an opportunity to build relationships with companies working in the food sector. Project Development Manager and CEO Bernhard Schulz comments: 'We see the Show as a great opportunity to highlight the forty plus international biogas projects which we've worked on over the last 20 years. These projects range from five to thirty million Euros in size and have been built in European countries as well as the US, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and India, entec's proven track record and know-how is second to none in the industry, and the show presents us with the perfect platform to engage with UK companies working in the food sector who are looking to build plants under the WRAP programme.'

Many system suppliers in the industry rely on the fermentation of renewable input materials such as wheat, corn or rye, whereas entec biogas gmbh provides systems for converting food and slaughterhouse waste into electricity and heat. Formerly, waste from the food and slaughter industry as well as food leftovers from hotels and restaurants were consumed as feedstuff, mostly for fattening pig. Today this is forbidden in all EU member states because of the known hygiene risks, and instead these materials are converted to energy instead of simply burning them.

Dependent on the project requirements, entec biogas gmbh handles all matters of approval planning, system design, size, output, equipment sourcing and installation, right through to the training of operators and plant operation. An in-house team consisting of food and biotechnologists, process and environmental engineers, plant engineers, technical chemists and ICA engineers, work to provide the customer with a bespoke tailored made system which meets their exact requirements.

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