Understanding What A Carpet Steam Cleaner Is Really All About

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A carpet steam cleaner is certainly a formidable cleaning machine when it comes to commercial and industrial carpet cleaning. These units have the rugged cleaning power needed to tackle some of the toughest cleaning applications. Unfortunately, a carpet steam cleaning machine often gets confused with a steam cleaner. Both these units are great cleaning machines on their own, but they are two very different kinds of machines.

When looking for the right cleaning machine for your carpets, it’s important to understand the difference between these two units. Investing in the wrong one may cause damage to certain kinds of carpeting. Investing in the right one could lead to cleaner carpets that would last a long time.

The Difference is in the Steam
It’s easy to get a carpet steam cleaner and a steam cleaning unit mixed up. After all, both of these use steam in some capacity and both can be used for cleaning carpets. But it’s very important to be clear about the difference between these two machines. A carpet steam cleaning unit does not use steam for cleaning- it may release steam while cleaning, since the unit does clean with hot water. These units use hot water that is heated to temperatures of up to 210°F. This is very effective in loosening sticky residue, stubborn stains, and ground-in dirt that may have settled deep into the carpet. These units also have extraction capabilities which easily lift the softened residue out of the carpet.

Unlike a carpet steam cleaner, a steam cleaning unit does, in fact, use steam during the cleaning process. These units use superheated water to melt away some of the toughest kinds of deposits from different surfaces. The steam generated can reach temperatures of up to 386°F. This means they are not just effective for cleaning, many come with sanitizing abilities too. Unfortunately, these units lack the sustained cleaning power needed to clean large stretches of carpeting. The high temperatures may also damage to certain sensitive carpeting material, like to woollen or synthetic carpets.

Low Water Flow
When looking for a carpet steam cleaner, look at how much water these units use. Conventional carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaning equipment often use a lot of water for cleaning, which means the carpet is often very damp after cleaning. This can be very inconvenient, since it can take a long time to dry out completely. The damp carpet can also provide the perfect place for germs and bacteria to take root and grow. The best carpet cleaner will use less water for cleaning, which allows the carpet to dry out faster.

A carpet steam cleaner with low water flow technology will rely more on suction and extraction capabilities to remove dirt and debris. These kinds of carpet cleaning machines can reduce the overall drying time considerably. Germs and bacteria have a lesser chance to grow in the damp material. This carpet cleaning equipment can be very useful in humid climates, where drying times may be an issue. A carpet steam cleaning unit that uses less water for cleaning can be the best carpet cleaner for a number of different jobs.

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