Unintended Impacts of Renewable Energy

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Energy technologies in the future must be based on renewable sources of energy and they must be sustainable. This book provides insight into unintended negative impacts and how they can be avoided. In order to steer away from the pitfalls and unintended effects it is essential that necessary knowledge is present to the developers and decision makers engaged in renewable energy. This is where this book is valuable in its presentation of unintended health and environmental impacts of a wide range of renewable energies. 

The book presents results from cross-diciplinary research on implementation of the alternative fuels hydrogen, electricity and biodesel in the transport sector, as well as the assessment of environmental impacts from the production of solar cells. A key focus is on the impacts of the use of nanotechnology and nanomaterials in the energy technologies. The formation of nanoparticles formed during combustion of bio-blended diesel, and their toxic effects, are discussed in detail.

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Keywords » Environmental and Health Impacts of Renewable Energy Implementation of Sustainable Practices Science and Technology Studies on Renewable Energy Sustainable Energy Sources Unintended Impacts of Renewable Energy

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