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Useful properties with petroleum compound

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Due to the intensive vehicles growth, the problem of decrease in harmful effects of cars on environment gained paramount value around the world. The annual increase in volumes of production and oil refining negatively influences on ecological situation in the world. Improvement of ecology is impossible without introduction of the new standards based on world experience in the sphere of environmental protection. It will allow to establish a demanded technological level for various types of fuel and to plan stage-by-stage toughening of ecological indicators for improving ecological situation. As the result the interest to alternative types of fuel and additives is caused by three essential reasons: alternative types or additives with petroleum compound, give less emissions, air pollution and global warming; the majority of alternative types of fuel is made from organic raw materials thereby bearing the minimum harm; use of such fuels allows the state to increase power independence and safety.

Optimization of gasoline composition will appear a hard process. It really very complex problem, especially now when in some brands of gasoline it is impossible to add thermal power additives. Let’s look as the problem gradually becomes complicated. At the need for gasoline of three brands and existence of all components it is required to mix it with blending system by following technology.

Interest to alcohols is caused by a ratio between their prime cost and their useful properties as petroleum compound components, more particularly, their ability to increase octane number. Application of various oxygen-containing additives (alcohols, air) as anti-detonators to a petroleum compound mix has a number of advantages. From various anti-detonators the most effective, available and environmentally friendly to be alcohols, in particular, ethanol. Ethanol allows underestimating several times quantity emissions of oxide, carbon and nitrogen. For increasing of ecological and energy security it is necessary to use ethanol and biodiesel fuels from renewable raw materials.

For preparation of high quality fuel it is require using special equipment as petroleum compound systems. GlobeCore Blending company is intended in production of such equipment. Branded gasoline is developed by using installation of mixing and dissolution of liquids in a stream which call “USB”. Installation allows to mix from two to six different components and additives, provides careful mixture of mix components at single pass.

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