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Using a Natural Gas Home Generator For Eco-Friendly Power


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A natural gas home generator is one of the cleanest options for low emissions power during an emergency. In fact, natural gas generators produce the lowest carbon footprint of all generator types.

Emissions are thirty percent less than the closest comparable home generator. Natural gas is the recommended choice for environmentally aware consumers that want to have peace of mind during and after an emergency. 

Florida residents understand the importance of investing in a home backup generator for sale. Hurricanes are capable of damaging the local infrastructure and cause power loss in whole neighborhoods and communities.

Power may not be restored for days or even weeks following a hurricane. A backup home generator can provide your home with reliable power to keep important utilities and appliances functioning. 

A natural gas home generator is not only helpful during a tropical storm or hurricane. Continue reading to learn more about natural gas as a fuel source for your backup generator. If you have any further questions or would like to learn more, be sure to contact MTS Power Products today. 

Popularity of Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas is a low emission fuel source that has become a popular fuel type for home backup generators. It is readily available in most cases, and characteristically reliable.

In some cases, a natural gas generator can easily be installed to existing natural gas lines that run beneath your house. The clean-burning nature of natural gas also makes it perfect for residential use and, as mentioned above, has a low environmental impact. 

Consumers should bear in mind the differences in cost, availability, and reliability between natural gas and propane gas. Propane gas canisters are readily available and affordable. You should take into account the differences between natural gas and propane when choosing the backup generator for your home. 

Prepare for Outside Emergencies

The most common reason why you would consider a natural gas generator is for hurricane and emergency preparedness. There are other occasions in which a backup residential generator can come in handy.

In the summer months, the electrical grid is strained by higher temperatures. An aging and strained electrical grid is prone to problems during the summer months making blackouts much more likely. 

It’s always a major inconvenience when the power goes out but in the summer it can create a potentially hazardous situation inside your home. Without the electricity to power the AC unit, the temperatures inside your home can rise to dangerous levels.

Investing in a natural gas generator can keep your family safe from dangerous temperatures and keep food and medicine refrigerated. 

Choose MTS For a Natural Gas Home Generator

A natural gas generator can provide peace of mind during and after an emergency. It is also a great way to protect your home from an aging electrical infrastructure while producing a very small carbon footprint.

MTS Power Products can help you choose the right backup generator for you. Visit our website today to learn more about our natural gas backup generators.

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