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Validation of 3D kinetics code 'TRIKIN' using OECD PWR core transient benchmark

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A space–time kinetics code, 'TRIKIN', was developed and validated to analyse a vast array of transient problems involving reactivity and power distribution anomalies in VVER reactors. Neutronics model of TRIKIN is based on centre mesh finite difference approach for solving space– and time–dependent neutron flux in a 3D core whereas thermal hydraulics model is based on fuel pin simulation and employs a semi–implicit scheme for numerical solution. The code was validated against a series of rod ejection accidents with different levels of reactivity feedback. With likely induction of square lattice Pressurised Water Reactors (PWRs) in India, capabilities of TRIKIN code have been extended to analyse space–time kinetics related problems in this geometry. Newly added features of TRIKIN have been validated against an NEA rod withdrawal accident benchmark problem at Hot Zero Power (HZP) state. It has been demonstrated that TRIKIN results are in agreement with benchmark results.

Keywords: TRIKIN, space–time kinetics, reactor kinetics, rod withdrawal accidents, reactivity initiated transients, VVER reactors, pressurised water reactors, nuclear reactors, nuclear energy, nuclear power, neutronics modelling, India, neutron flux, thermal hydraulics modelling, square lattice PWRs, nuclear safety, nuclear accidents

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