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Value of nuclear power in the global energy system

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With a global energy model which finds the minimum cost energy system over the time range of 1995-2055, the value of nuclear power is analysed. The model incorporates detailed descriptions of energy conversion technologies. For nuclear technologies, light water reactors and fast breeder reactors are taken into account with fuel cycle options. Major findings are: 1) the maximum introduction of LWRs would have only a small effect in reducing the global CO2 emissions; 2) FBRs would be introduced at the almost maximum scale when the stabilisation of global CO2 emission is required; 3) the role of FBRs in reducing the global CO2 emission is very robust against the deterioration of their economics; and 4) integrated coal gasification combined cycle power generation (IGCC) with CO2 recovery would replace the role when FBRs are not introduced.

Keywords: energy model, global warming, CO&, lt, SUB align=, right&, gt, 2 emission, LWR, FBR, plutonium, spent fuel storage, uranium resource

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