Vibration surveillance: Oil rig – Power generator - Case Study


Courtesy of Wi-Care

Equipment, plant overview, Context

Oil rigs are located in Gulf countries, Emirates.Rigs are operating 24/7 and powered by quite big power generator 436 kW. According to operator, generator was running at higher temperature than expected. Due to the periodic displacement of the generator in the oil field, no wired monitoring system was possible. The Wi-care sensors (6) where installed on the Diesel engine and the generator in both axial and radial direction. Considering travel expenses and delay for accessing, I-Care suggest the installation of Wi-care wireless vibration/temperature monitoring.

Analyst diagnosis and spectrum justification:

On the generator, we see a lot of noise coming from the lubrication of the bearing. The amplitudes are quite high and we recommend checking the lubrication system in the next month.

Actions and delays.

1) We recommend verifying the generator lubrication system in the month (quantity and quality)

2) We recommend having a continuous vibration surveillance of lubrication after action using Wi-care


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