Want to Know about Diesel Power Cleaner Equipment?

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You get to choose from pressure washers with different power options nowadays. While some are powered by electricity, others run on gasoline, diesel, or propane. Each of these power options has its own share of advantages and shortcomings. Read the below mentioned points to know more about power cleaning systems that run on diesel and what makes them perfect for cleaning commercial and industrial facilities.

The best in portability
Leading suppliers now offer powerful and technologically advanced versions of diesel power wash equipment designed for users in commercial and industrial facilities. Diesel pressure wash machines do not need electricity to power up or heat the system. As a result, they do not have to be connected to an electrical socket while in use. These diesel pressure washers can be easily used to maintain remote areas where electricity may not be available. Since there are no power cords, operators can work in peace without stepping over wires or worse, tripping over the cords. This function greatly improves the productivity and ensures that the job gets finished faster.

Versatile enough for indoor use
Traditionally, diesel pressure washers could not be used indoors or in poorly ventilated areas, since the combustion of diesel generates fumes. To address this issue and make these pressure wash systems ideal for indoor use as well, top distributors now offer unique long hose technology that guarantees excellent power and performance even if the system is connected to hoses of 300 feet in length. Operators can now place the system outdoors or in a well-ventilated zone and use the long hoses to maintain indoor areas. The fumes will be ejected outdoors, presenting no risk to the users operating indoors.

Unbeatable combination
Extremely powerful diesel pressure washers feature an unmatched combination of high pressure levels, high flow rates, and tri-mode temperature options. These industrial pressure washers feature pressure levels of nearly 3000 psi and above, making them the right choice to blast away tough dirt deposits. High flow rates of the high pressure washers add to their overall cleaning capabilities. Gas pressure washers from reputed suppliers feature super-fast heating functions that help convert cold water into steam or hot water within 30 seconds. Companies even offer mobile hot water pressure washers in wheeled and trailer mountable configurations.

The tri-mode temperature settings of gas powered pressure washers offer ultimate versatility for maintenance professionals. This technology enables these industrial pressure washers to generate hot water, cold water, or steam. It also ensures that the operators will have just the right temperature setting, no matter what kind of application they need to tackle.

Generally, the cold water mode is used for lighter-duty applications and the hot water pressure washer mode is ideal for moderately challenging jobs. For maximum cleaning power, operators choose the steam mode, which is capable of generating wet steam at temperatures of up to 330°F. The wet steam generated by high pressure washers is useful for heavy-duty degreasing tasks. You also have the choice of enhancing the cleaning action of pressure washers by using them along with green chemicals.



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