Waste treatment biogas plant Wallingford (UK) 2.4 MW- case study


Courtesy of bwe Energiesysteme GmbH & Co. KG

Waste Treatment Reference Plant – Wallingford

Description of project: AD Plant for treatment of organic waste and animal byproducts with an installed electrical power of 2.4 MW

Type of Plant: AD-BT

Total aggregate input capacity (waste): 70.000t/year

Location of Project: Wallingford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Date of Completion 2012

Is the plant operational and has been operational during the past Year Plant was first started in November 2012 and is now operational Role and Scope of Works Technology Supplier for AD Equipment Client Details and Contact Person Information Chris Woolcock (AD Plant Manager)

Agrivert Ltd.

+44 7702 700960


Execution of the project on its own or as part of a Joint Venture/Company ☐ on its own ☒ as part of a joint venture/company was

responsible jointly and severally for the execution of such project

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