Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg (WBL) - case study


Courtesy of Sustec Consulting & Contracting bv

Along with WBL Sustec has tested and lab researched  the continuous thermal hydrolysis of the surplusslib of the wastewater treatment plants Hoensbroek and Venlo. On this basis is determined the most optimal hydrolysis method.

Then for nine months on pilot scale tests were carried out to the thermal hydrolysis and fermentation of the surplusslib. The tests confirmed that by thermal hydrolysis biogas production increases with 15-50% and improves the dewatering of the fermented sludge with about 40%. The organic dust removal increased until 60%.

In February 2012 the construction started of a full scale installation for the processing of about 7,000 tonnes ds/y. The payback of this installation lies on four years according to the calculation model of Sustec.

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