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Watt Are You Waiting For?

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SAN DIEGO – Alltech Solar has been in business since 1995.  Owner and President Fred Carmody said he saw an opportunity to help the environment.  He also saw a chance to put some people back to work in a touch economy by starting a solar division in the company, and the rest is history.

Not only is Carmody dedicated to hiring people affected by the recession, he also helps to support the local economy.  Alltech Solar uses products made in the U.S. and many right here in California.

“It’s a good thing we can do for our friends, family, the country and the environment,” said Carmody, who is a veteran.

Alltech Solar is a licensed general, electrical and mechanical contractor providing a comprehensive package of conservation, solar hot water and solar power systems.  This approach allows them to utilize all technologies available.  They offer multiple products and services to provide their customers with the most cost-effective and energy-efficient system for your home or business.  One of their mottos urges consumers to “declare your energy independence.”

Alltech Solar’s installation team takes pride in ensuring installations go smoothly with as little disturbance as possible to surrounding areas.  Their highly qualified team will make sure you’re operational as quickly as possible once all quality assurance inspections have been finished.

For those thinking of going green, Carmody says Alltech Solar will reduce their carbon footprint substantially.  “Much more than driving a Prius”, Carmody said.

“The cost of energy is going up, and the size of the rebates is going down,” Carmody said.  He emphasized that in order to best take advantage of these offers; there is no time like the present. “Watt are you waiting for?” he asked.

Virtually the entire staff at Alltech Solar is made up of people who have been forced into early retirement with no hope of gainful employment or have been laid off because of the poor economy.  “These are talented, educated people,” Carmody said.  He prides himself on employing engineers and other individuals who have otherwise been neglected by the current workforce.

And what’s it like to work at Alltech Solar?  “It’s a wonderful environment to work in,” Carmody said.  “We are having a great time!”

Alltech Solar understands that planning and purchasing a solar power system is a daunting task, which is why they offer free quotes and consultations so you understand the feasibility from start to finished design.

For more information about Alltech Solar and to learn more about the government rebates offered, call (858) 455-9292 or visit

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