Wellesley College – Wellesley, MA - Case Study


Courtesy of Boreal Renewable Energy Development

In 2008, college officials set four goals as sustainability priorities on this 500-acre campus, including initiatives to improve landscape, conserve water, reduce waste and energy use. A related project would create a 'Green Center' near west campus athletic facilities, serving as a model for students and providing an ongoing educational resource. Classic red brick buildings and new facilities span a diverse property that includes wooded hillsides, lakes and an arboretum west of Boston. This renowned liberal arts college has welcomed undergraduate students since 1875 and is preparing its facilities for future generations.

Client Need:

Seeking to reduce fossil fuel energy use and to promote renewable energy options, Wellesley College contacted Boreal to evaluate campus locations for solar and wind installations.

Solution: Solar Feasibility Arrow Design Arrow Installation

Boreal completed a feasibility study, economic analysis and a design plan for solar and wind technologies in 2009. For each site, we evaluated multiple solar and wind technologies and recommended the best options. Selections included:

  • a concentrated solar thermal system for the trade shop building,
  • grid-tied rooftop 110kW photovoltaic installation on the fieldhouse slopped roof,
  • grid-tied ground-mounted 10.1kW photovoltaic array beside the soccer field, and
  • a 50 kW wind turbine on a hilltop.

Wellesley officials chose the ground-mounted photovoltaic system as the first to be built. We finalized design of the PV system and prepared the bid solicitation documents, and provided construction oversight during the installation in summer 2010.


This project quickly received all relevant regulatory approvals. Construction of the ground-mounted PV system was completed in one month, and completed in October 2010.

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