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Whitly Bay - Gas Fired Boiler case study


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  • Customer: J.P. Westall, Hexham
  • Location: Whitely Bay
  • Heating System: Gas fired, with 15 radiators
  • Installed: 06/07

System problems
The heating system in question is a gas fired system with problems of banging and rattling. Half the radiators were not heating properly and the other half were too hot. The system was virtually uncontrollable. Alan Heslop of Westalls had made many visits but could not rectify the problems.

I approached Westalls with the Vortex and it was agreed to trial the unit. They didn’t really want to install the Vortex because of previous problems with the heating system and didn’t want to introduce something that may not work.

The Solution
Vortex was installed to instructions provided and the system was recommissioned. Even before the boiler was started it was noted that the pump was running almost silently which was not the case before the Vortex was installed.

The boiler was started up. It was noticed that the radiators were heating up very quickly and when checking the ones which were not heating it was found that these were heating to an equal temperature. The whole system was now running almost silently and the house was beginning to warm up as never before.

The owner is convinced that his gas bills will be lower as that the whole house is warm and the hot water is heating and recovering faster.

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