Who is responsible for energy management within schools?


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Energy management responsibilities within schools fall mainly on the shoulders of the School Business Manager. They will be members of the Academy Senior Management Team and have wide-ranging responsibilities for all of the operational aspects of the school.

The Business Manager is probably the most influential person at the site (other than perhaps the Headteacher/Principal). Their remit covers finance, administration, staff, property, policies, support services – really everything that isn’t directly teaching and learning related.

Governors especially Chair of Finance and/or Premises Committees, will also have a key role to play, as they will have ultimate responsibility for the performance of the school and have the authority to make high-level decisions. Across the Governing Body, there is likely to be at least one with an interest or knowledge in the area of environmental impact.

Headteachers or Principals in secondary schools are unlikely to be the best point of promotion of an energy management concept, although there will be some who will want things to happen and can set up the right conditions. They are unlikely to be able to become heavily involved, whereas the Business Manager will.

Premises Managers and Bursars/Finance Managers are likely to have less senior responsibility to make decisions about implementing an energy management system but they can be an avenue by which the concepts are fed into the school.

By taking this fresh approach, at Drumbeat Energy Management we can transform the way that you manage the energy consumption at your school. It’s a simple and effective concept, one that enables you to become thoroughly proficient and self- sufficient in energy management in the shortest practical time.

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