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Why Choose An LMS?


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Now that we've talked about the 'how', let's back up and talk about a few of the reasons 'why'. Simply stated, an LMS is a software application that automates the administration, tracking, and reporting of classroom and online training events, enabling detailed analysis of the effectiveness of your training investment. While the most basic LMS should accomplish the aforementioned, a state-of-the-art LMS can provide much, much more (learning librar-ies, resource management, etc.).

Whether the LMS you choose is hosted, purchased, or home-grown, online learning is an affordable method that can stand alone or blend perfectly with other types of learning, from classroom to webinar to mobile. Again, we recommend hosted systems which are easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to maintain. It’s a turn-key solution. The best Learning Management Systems keep pace with ever-improving technology and constant upgrades.

Learning online is appealing to today’s workforce. Since the mid-1990’s when the internet really took off and boomed, the internet is where all generations turned to for communica-tion, information, and knowledge. Learning online can take place at any time (24/7), at any pace (stop/start as needed), at any place with an internet connected computer or phone.

Beyond the LMS itself, the content within the LMS can be on any topic, and career specific. Employers can be assured that all learners are being taught the same, current, applicable, and appropriate information in an interactive and engaging manner. Online course content is constantly upgraded to stay current, captivating, and dynamic. Best yet, since employees are learning at their own pace, retention is proven to be higher than with classroom learning.

Bonus: if you’re one of the thousands of organizations with a Green Initiative, then you al-ready understand the impact of travel and hard-copy materials on the environment, let alone on your budget. While energy is needed to operate computers, you can do things to minimize the use of energy and the related emissions output. Most computers today are built with Energy Star® technology. There are also things computer operators can/should do to help reduce energy consumption. (Learn more at

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