Why Multinational Companies Choose Green?

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Nowadays, more and more companies are switching to green through the use of solar energy which is also known to be one of the effective alternate sources of electricity. Promoting this method where in at the same time promoting environment friendly activities. As we all know people in diverse places tend to do their daily work activities through the use of electricity. But the main question raise is the reason behind why these companies are switching to green.

One of the best examples of using solar energy is the IKEA Foundation which strives to promote solar lamps and Fuel-Efficient cooking stoves. In this way, they will be able to provide alternative source of electricity to refugees. Yes it is indeed a very great help on the part of the refugees daily activities because sometimes, the things that we take for granted such as the meal time, study time and any other simple things that we usually do are quite hard to accomplish or hard to do without the use of the light. The chief of the IKEA Foundation said, “Life in a refugee camp can be very hard, particularly for children.” This could be one of the reasons why this foundation exerts effort to promote using solar energy.

Another possible reason for implementing this would be for conservation. It would mean conservation on the aspect of conserving electricity usage or it might be conservation on the part of the company. You may agree or disagree about the word conservation but it could be possible. You want to know why? Of course because it is a very effective conservation tool for the company in order to conserve not only energy but also money from their funds. Many other companies use this for their own benefits. One of the best examples is the promotion and implementation of this method for the purpose of neutralizing the harmful effects or the damages that had been created by their own operations. You can imagine companies releasing big funds just for the neutralization of the damages. That is why more and more companies are engaging or promoting green not only for having a friendly environment method but for conservation of big funds.

That is why different companies are switching to green because of the various benefits that they can get out from it which includes utilizing the usefulness of the environment as a helping tool to make each people’s daily life easier and faster wherein at the same time using it as a tool to preserve and conserve environment.

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