CV Wirajasa Teknik Industri

CV Wirajasa Teknik Industri

WIRAJASA Waste Oil Burner


Brief description on our patented Waste Oil Burner that was introduced in 2008. This innovative device works on two key principles namely pre-heating of waste oil and application of super-heated water or sub-critical steam to enhance the oxidation of heavy oil.

Heating capacity of this burner is adjustable starting from 700,000 BTU/hour to 1,400,000 BTU/hour is suitable for various thermal application in manufacturing, mining and agricultural sectors.

In 2010 a newer model or the second generation waste oil burner was manufactured and installed in several areas in Indonesia. In 2013 we launched the third generation which applies the same principles but with more enhanced performance and efficiency.

Interested parties, either buyers or investors, are welcome to contact the authors who are concurrently the executives of the manufacturer. We plan to start a mass production of this energy efficiency technology to satisfy the growing demand for cheap energy. 

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