Xebec powers an energy revolution case study


Courtesy of Xebec Adsorption Inc.

Rumpke Landfill Biogas Project at a Glance:
Type: Landfill biogas to pipeline-quality renewable natural gas
Claim to fame: One of the largest gas recovery operations of its kind in the world
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Number of acres-landfill: 230 (93 hectares)
Waste received annually: Two million tons
Plant refining capacity: 15 million cubic feet of landfill gas per day
Distribution: 25,000 Duke Energy customers
Incentives: Carbon Trading Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Program
Gas purification system of choice: XEBEC M-3100 PSA system

Building a Better Gas Purification System
At the Rumpke Sanitary Landfill near Cincinnati, Ohio, Montauk Energy Capital LLC operates plants that purify biogas generated from more than two million tons of waste annually into pipeline-grade natural gas. The purified natural gas, also known as biomethane, is injected into the local Duke Energy pipeline and distributed to more than 25,000 area homes and businesses.

Montauk Energy trusts XEBEC's propriety M-3100 gas purification system to perform the critical operation of upgrading the biogas. Rumpke was the first landfill facility to install XEBEC's pressure swing adsorption (PSA) gas purification systems in 2007.

'We made the right choice,' said Rick O'Mahony, VP of Operations and Facilities Development for Montauk Energy. 'We have used, reviewed and tested numerous PSA and other gas purification systems. The XEBEC PSA system provides reliable operation and better upgrading capacity on a much smaller platform than other purification systems.'

XEBEC's Role at Rumpke
At Rumpke, biogas containing methane, carbon dioxide, water and hydrogen sulfide is transported from the landfill through 24-inch pipe to a pretreatment site that removes the hydrogen sulfides and volatile organics from the gas.

However, harmful contaminants such as carbon dioxide remain in the biogas. Montauk Energy uses PSA systems to purify (or upgrade) the biogas to remove the carbon dioxide and other contaminants. Montauk installed its first PSA system at Rumpke for landfill gas recovery in 1986 and a second in 1995. Both are conventional PSA systems, which are large, slow, bulky, complex and expensive to operate.

In 2006, when Montauk was adding a third gas purification system at the Rumpke landfill, it looked at new, advanced gas purification technologies. Montauk chose XEBEC's M-3100 PSA system.

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