Alternative Fuels

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  • Market Demand for Rice Husk Pellets is Increasing

    Rice husk pellet is a kind of biomass material pellet. It is made of rice husk or rice hull, which is the outer layer of the paddy grain. Rice husk is with deficiencies of soft, light and low in caloricity. After pressed by the biofuel pellet mill, r

  • Water Powered Cars!

    Are you planning to buy a car that will not pollute the atmosphere as much as those old gas guzzling ones your friends own? Well, why do not you look for greener cars? Hybrid cars are the in thing! ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Double Membrane Gas Holder for Biogas Storage

    Double Membrane Gas Holder for Biogas Storage

    As energy costs grow, facilities are increasingly seeking alternative fuel sources, including biogas, to help offset power costs for their plants. WesTech has many years of experience in supplying customers with anaerobic digestion equipment that adds value to plant operations.