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  • Biogas Storage Tanks Manufacturer Provides Biogas Tanks Design ,Manufacture And Installation

    Biogas Storage Tanks Manufacturer Provides Biogas Tanks Design ,Manufacture And Installation

    As the first biogas storage tanks manufacturer in China, Center Enamel has more than 30 years of experience in biogas tanks design, manufacture and installation. All the biogas tanks are made of high corrosion resistance Glass-Fused-to-Steel,  actually, we also call it Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank. We can also customize these biogas tanks in a variety of colors to meet local planning ...

  • Anaerobic Digesters

    Anaerobic Digesters

    Anaerobic digesters/Biogas storage tanks are widely utilized at fields of industry, agriculture or municipality. Amongst of them using anaerobic digestion to generate biogas from organic wastes is ...


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  • Air Drying System

    Air Drying System

    The high moisture content of residual sludges and organic waste is a barrier to cost-effective disposal or reuse. The biggest challenge is the moisture trapped inside the cell structure of organic materials. Conventional dryers can’t open the cell structure and remove the moisture inside. Applications: agricultural waste dryer, anaerobic digester sludge dryer, biomass dryer, dryer, ...

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  • 3rd COASTAL Biogas conference

    3rd COASTAL Biogas conference

    COASTAL Biogas revolves around anaerobic co-digestion of cast seaweed and utilisation of the digestate as an organic fertiliser in order to mitigate eutrophication, close the nutrients cycle, produce biogas and fertiliser, create local value chains and eliminate the inconveniences with rotten seaweed on the beaches.