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  • Jühnde, Bioenergy village

    Jühnde, Bioenergy village

    Jühnde is the first bioenergy village in Germany and even worldwide. Heat and power demand is produced by a renewable energy biogas plant as well with photovoltaik technology. It was founded in 2005 and attracted the attention of the world ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Benchtop Biogas Reactor

    Benchtop Biogas Reactor

    The Dolly twin biogas reactor is basically for anaerobic digestion research. It has been developed for liquid-based media with solid matter content up to 10-15%. The standard equipment consists of 2 x 3 to 15L working volume reactors. The reactors are operated automatically providing continuous feeding experiments. Different parameters - temperature, pH- and stirrer can be set and controlled ...