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  • A Brief Description of Biochar Production Process

    A biochar production plant takes biomass and turns it into valuable charcoal that you can use in many different ways. This biochar equipment is easy to use and it can work with a wide variety of biomass. The machine is affordable and it can help yo


  • What You Should Know About Biochar Making Machines

    Just how much have you figured out about biochar making machine? If it is a topic that you simply aren't very informed about, then it's safe to say which you have a lot to learn. The info below is an excellent place for you to get started.What Is ...

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  • Biochar Dust

    Biochar Dust

    Biochar Dust is the result of biochar or biocoal pellets being ground up, this product can then be blown into a boiler or used as a soil fertiliser, its chemical properties have been proven to improve soil fertilisation.