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Biochar equipment for Bioenergy

  • SR2O Bio Fuels - Advanced Biofuels System

    SR2O Bio Fuels, LLC has developed a process so as to yield three primary products, natural wood oils, activated carbon and biofuels from our production system, all of which have exceptionally attractive returns. Through the process of proven technologies, we are able to produce products that meet or exceed today’s petroleum ...

    By SR2O Holdings, LLC based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Waste Management, Bioenergy, Biochar, Alternative Energy

    waste management, bioenergy, biochar, alternative energy,RESEM|A Leading Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer,RESEM provides Pyrolysis Oil Plant systems that convert petroleum based waste streams such as plastics, tires, into quality fuels oil, carbons ., Product Details Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland) Brand Name: RESEM ...

  • Pacific Sentry - Pyrolysis Slow Pyrolysis Demonstration Facility

    Pacific Pyrolysis has an operational continuous flow slow pyrolysis pilot demonstration facility, named PyroChar 300, at the Somersby Advanced Engineering Facility north of Sydney.  The pilot demonstration facility has a capacity of approximately 300kg/hr (dry basis) of biomass material and is capable of powering a 200 kW electrical generator ...

    By Pacific Pyrolysis Pty Limited based in Somersby, AUSTRALIA. from Technology Product line

  • NovaGreen - Biochar

    Biochar has many different forms, and can be created or formulated into many different product variants. NovaGreen’s focus on Biochar will center on the use of agricultural biomass as a starting feedstock source.  We will use a ‘slow pyrolysis’ technique to create our biochar. This involves heating or ‘charring’ ...

    By NovaGreen Inc. based in Killam, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Gasification System

    Gasification is a chemical reaction caused by heating material in an oxygen-starved environment, resulting in incomplete combustion that drives off carbon-rich gases. These gasses are then combusted in a thermal oxidizer with the addition of air. Gasification is often confused with incineration, although they are totally different processes.  ...

    By Coaltec Energy USA, Inc. based in Evansville, INDIANA (USA).

  • Debo - Biomass Fluidized Bed Gasification Integrated System

    Power: The biomass is fed into gasifier to be converted to Syngas ,the syngas is cooled and cleaned by cleaning system, then the syngas is piped to internal combustion gen-set to output power or sent to burn boiler to work with steam turbine.

  • CEG - Torrefaction Reactor System

    Torrefaction is thermal treatment of biomass in an environment with low oxygen content. Although the process is similar to charcoal production, it takes place in a much lower temperature environment that requires less exotic and less expensive materials, which results in biofuels with more favorable combustion properties, better mechanical and ...

    By Clean Electricity Generation B.V. (CEG) based in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS.

  • Karr - Charcoal

    Karr has the ability to bind together the biochar it produces to create charcoal briquettes. This process is executed using Karr’s patented binder. Karr’s charcoal briquettes are all natural and contain all natural ingredients. The quality of Karr’s charcoal briquettes greatly exceed our competition. It burns evenly and for a ...

    By Karr Group of Companies based in WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Biochar

    Biochar is also a by-product of our torrefaction reactor technology and is excellent as a soil amendment for the agriculture industries. Biochar can help increase soil fertility, agricultural productivity, and protect against some soil-borne diseases, it may also help mitigate climate change by producing negative carbon dioxide emissions.

    By Clean Electricity Generation B.V. (CEG) based in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS.

  • ZeroPoint Biochar - Biomass Gasification Systems

    ZeroPoint Biomass Gasification Systems produce biochar as a by-product. Biochar is fixed carbon in the form of highly porous charcoal and is produced through thermo-chemical processes such as biomass gasification. Biochar is composed of carbon that plants extracted from the atmosphere through photosynthesis to form plant matter. When that plant ...

    By ZeroPoint Clean Tech, Inc based in Potsdam, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Syncraft - Model CW 700-200 - Wood Gas Power Plants

    SYNCRAFT is your professional partner for wood-gas power plants. The table below shows the technical data of the SYNCRAFT wood-gas power plant CW700-200. To use the resulting low-temperature heat, a heat pump can be offered optionally. Depending on the design, a thermal power of up to 140 kW is available (at a water temperature of up to 55°C). ...

    By Syncraft Automation GmbH based in Aschau im Zillertal, AUSTRIA. from Wood Gas Power Plants Product line

  • Karr - Biochar

    Biochar is a solid material obtained from the carbonization thermochemical conversion of biomass in an oxygen-limited environments. In more technical terms, biochar is produced by thermal decomposition of organic material (biomass such as wood, manure or leaves) under limited supply of oxygen (O2), and at relatively low temperatures ...

    By Karr Group of Companies based in WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Biochar - Green Fuel

    Biochar produced from the Pacific Pyrolysis process can also be utilised as a green fuel and in some cases a metallurgical reductant. Biochar produced from softwood increased its calorific value from 18 MJ/kg to 31 MJ/kg. The char can be then be pelletised resulting in pellets with an energy density of 24 MJ/m3, compared to the 13 MJ/m3 energy ...

    By Pacific Pyrolysis Pty Limited based in Somersby, AUSTRALIA. from Biochar Product line

  • Pyreg - Model P1,500 - Biomass System

    Do you have biogenic materials for recycling/disposal or are you interested in biochar and feeding char? Then the PYREG module P1,500 is the right choice for you. Just like our standard module P500, it can be used to treat and refine a wide range of organic materials. However, with a P1,500 you benefit from a number of additional advantages ...

    By Pyreg GmbH based in Dörth, GERMANY.

  • EURO - Model CK-3 - Charcoal Kiln

    CK-3 “EURO” is a continuation of charcoal kilns of the “EURO” line, which have been produced by GREENPOWER Company since 2009. The main purpose of the kiln - production of charcoal and thermal energy by low-temperature pyrolysis. As raw materials it can be used both firewood and wood waste of soft and hard species (logging ...

    By GreenPower based in Kharkiv, UKRAINE. from Auxiliary Equipment Product line

  • Model MSW-PRO - Waste to Energy Module

    This MSW-PRO System is a custom commercial Gasification System that maximises the benefits of recycling municipal waste for any size of community.

    By NARGIS Renewable Energy Solutions based in UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Hospital Waste – 1MW Module System

    1 MW Modular Systems for converting Hospital Waste and Sewage to Renewable Energy and Pure Water. Sizes range from a 1MW Modular System and can be scaled to meet and Hospital Waste Volume

    By NARGIS Renewable Energy Solutions based in UNITED KINGDOM.

  • EURO - Model CK-2 - Charcoal Kiln

    CK-2 “EURO”  - the main purpose is low-temperature pyrolysis of lumpy wood waste of lumbering and firewood of soft- and hardwood species, and also fuel briquettes (pini-key, nestro, ruff) for the purpose of high-grade charcoal or biochar production. The uniqueness of the kiln is following: we do not move raw material from chamber ...

    By GreenPower based in Kharkiv, UKRAINE. from Auxiliary Equipment Product line

  • Gasification / Pyrolysis

    Gasification is a process that converts carbonaceous materials, such as chicken litter, rice hulls, saw dust etc. into syngas which can be used to power gensets to generate electricity or fuel boilers to provide steam for production processes.

    By Biogas Australia Pty Ltd based in Angaston, AUSTRALIA. from Gasification Product line

  • Pyreg - Model P500 - Biomass System

    Do you have biogenic materials to recycle or are you interested in vegetable and charcoal feed? Then the P500 System is the right choice for you. With its low installation costs, its high degree of efficiency and its reliability, the plant is an ideal solution for refining and recycling a wide variety of organic materials. In addition, the system ...

    By Pyreg GmbH based in Dörth, GERMANY.

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