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  • Biomass Torrefaction  Plant
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    Biomass Torrefaction Plant

    By AIREX Énergie inc.

    Torrefaction, a mild form of pyrolysis, refers to the heat-treatment of biomass at 250-320°C with little or no oxygen present. The purpose of torrefaction is to remove moisture and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ...

  • Torrefaction Reactor System
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    Torrefaction Reactor System

    By Clean Electricity Generation B.V. (CEG)

    Torrefaction is thermal treatment of biomass in an environment with low oxygen content. Although the process is similar to charcoal production, it takes place in a much lower temperature environment that requires less ...

  • Biochar Dust
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    Biochar Dust

    By Clean Electricity Generation B.V. (CEG)

    Biochar Dust is the result of biochar or biocoal pellets being ground up, this product can then be blown into a boiler or used as a soil fertiliser, its chemical properties have been proven to improve soil ...

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  • AIREX Énergie inc.

    AIREX Énergie inc.

    Airex Energy is a leading developer and manufacturer of biocoal production equipment and technology. We are active in North America and Europe. Airex ...

  • Clean Electricity  Generation B.V. (CEG)

    Clean Electricity Generation B.V. (CEG)

    Clean Electricity Generation B.V. (CEG) is a technology company bringing solutions for the reduction of CO2 emissions, as it facilitates the use of ...



    Shyam Traders was established about 3 years back, by the dynamic Mr. Parth Patel and Late Mr. Mehul Patel. Company has redefined the parameters of ...

  • SunCoal Industries GmbH

    SunCoal Industries GmbH

    Nature invented the process of carbonization in which carbon products like coal or oil were formed over millions of years by applying pressure and ...