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    Sludge Heating Systems – Brochure

    WesTech provides innovative designs for custom digester covers using the latest structural standards while integrating ease of erection and economical value. By offering you three major structural designs - truss, beam, and DuoSphere""-WesTech can provide the right system design to meet your specifications. WesTech Anaerobic Digester Covers are an excellent choice for your new or retrofit ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

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    ennox ECO Manual Gas Flare - Brochure

    The low-price solution for the price-conscious farmer! Robust and compact manual gas flare for burning off biogas at agricultural biogas plants. Perfect for smaller new plants and for retrofitting to existing biogas ...

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    Biogas // Full Service Support - Brochure

    We want our customers to be fully satisfied with our plants, whether it be today or in 20 years. With the correct technology in the first instance and our continuing support we can help maintain a plant to achieve its full ...

    By EnviTec Biogas AG

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    BioEthanol Analzyer Flyer

    In the bioethanol production plant, a High Performance Liquid Chromatograph is typically used to profile the carbohydrate, alcohol, and organic acid contents of the fermentation broth. Introducing the new turn-key Shimadzu BioEthanol Analyzer. It includes the i-Series Prominence HPLC system with a quaternary pumping system, the new RID-20A refractive index detector, ultra-fast SIL 20A ...

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    Shimadzus Analytical Solutions for the Renewable Fuels Industry - Brochure

    Biofuels and bioenergy are as old as civilization itself. Solid biofuels like wood, dung and charcoal have been used ever since man discovered fire, and are still used today for cooking and heating in many communities in developing countries. Even liquid biofuels such as olive oil and whale oil have been used at least since early antiquity. Whale oil was extensively used in the mid-1700s and ...

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    Biogas // Reference brochure - Edition 3

    Find out more about our biogas projects in Edition 3: Partners and projects - Our own biogas ...

    By EnviTec Biogas AG

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    Biogas // Why Our Energy has So Many Advantages... - Brochure

    The advantages of biogas are many and varied. As a plant operator, you are assured of a calculable source of income from generating a power supply that is not dependent on the weather and that is not subject to price fluctuations. At the same time, you are making an active contribution to protecting the environment and to the energy mix of the future with a biogas ...

    By EnviTec Biogas AG

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    Biogas // Reference brochure - Edition 1

    Find out more about our biogas projects in Edition 1: Operators and their ...

    By EnviTec Biogas AG

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    Biogas // Reference brochure - Edition 2

    Find out more about our biogas projects in Edition 2: Operators and their ...

    By EnviTec Biogas AG

  • Biogas Plants Brochure

    Make good use of the organic waste from your industrial and farming processes and turn them into electricity and heat. If your industry generates a big amount of organic waste and you need electricity and heat you can enhance the value of your waste thanks to our Biogas Plants. They cover all the necessary processes to synthesize fuel and its later use. They are safe for the public and reduce ...

    By Norvento

  • Dranco - Biogas Plants Brochure

    The DRANCO (DRy ANaerobic COmposting) process is an advanced biotechnological process for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective treatment of organics derived from municipal solid waste. With its long experience and its extended reference list, the DRANCO process is a well-known and reliable anaerobic digestion technology. The DRANCO technology is marketed throughout the world ...

    By OWS

  • PEI - Biogas Processing Systems Brochure

    PEI designs and manufactures Biogas Processing Systems (Compressor Skids, Blower Skids, Chiller Skids) to extract / receive waste gases from landfills, digesters, and other sources. Systems provide maintainable inlet and discharge pressures to satisfy process requirements as well as gas stream moisture removal and temperature conditioning. Systems range from basic waste gas extraction and ...

    By Perennial Energy, LLC. (PEI)

  • Biomass Fuels Brochure

    Our biomass heating systems utilize the full range of solid biomass. This makes you as the operator independent of any specific ...

    By A.P. Bioenergietechnik GmbH

  • agriSelect - Systematic Biogas Plant Brochure

    For 100% slurry, or slurry/manure and solids: The basic technical model and a large selection of additional packages make up the plant - suitable for your business! The speciality: brand components, intelligently arranged and flexibly combined – if you wish, with your own contribution to the construction. The compact biogas plant agriSelect can be constructed within only a few weeks. ...

    By agriKomp GmbH

  • Biolene - Flexible Gas Storage Membrane Brochure

    Flexible and efficient biogas plant operation is closely connected with the storage of the biogas. Our Biolene biogas storage membrane is an economical solution for your biogas plant. It is a gas storage and vessel cover in one unit and thus it offers a highly efficient solution for small agricultural and industrial biogas ...

    By agriKomp GmbH

  • Indi - FLEX - Biogas Plant Brochure

    Very simple: Our comprehensive spectrum of components make numerous different custom plant configurations possible. Thus, individual solutions are created, tailored to the respective operational requirements. With more than 800 completed plant projects, we can find you an individual and highly profitable solution which corresponds to your ideas and ...

    By agriKomp GmbH

  • Bioenergy Power Generation Systems Brochure

    As the world population swells to more than seven billion and counting, the need for sustainable waste disposal and clean energy generation is growing with it. Lockheed Martin’s bioenergy power generation systems have the potential to solve both challenges. Lockheed Martin and Concord Blue have signed an agreement to jointly develop advanced waste conversion systems to address waste ...

    By Lockheed Martin

  • Disintegration ultrasound system at Biogas plants

    Inhomogeneous substrates with a high dry matter content are a particular challenge for ultrasonic technology. With conventional systems, e.g. those equipped with rod transducers, the expansion of the cavitation field is severely limited. As a result, the full ultrasonic output cannot be emitted.The BioPush ultrasonic reactor, which forms the technological heart of the DesiUS, generates a ...

    By Weber Entec GmbH & Co. KG

  • Biogas Power Plant - Brochure

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    By Nocart Ltd.

  • Case: TINE Dairy Elnesvågen

    In 2015 Linka Energy and Bioenergy installed a 3,000 kW steam plant, that supplies TINE’s local dairy in Elnesvaagen in the central part of Norway. The dairy has since reduced their emission of CO2 with around 4,180 tons per ...

    By Linka Energy A/S

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