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  • Weir Plates
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    Weir Plates

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group

    ANDRITZ SEPARATION developed a next-generation weir plate - TurboJet - which drastically reduces a centrifuge’s absorbed power up to 30%. The patented TurboJet weir plate guides the liquid discharge from the ...

  • Analyzer System for Renewable Biofuels
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    Analyzer System for Renewable Biofuels

    By Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

    National and international concerns about air quality, coupled with an uncertainty regarding the supply of oil, have led to an increased interest in the promotion and use of non-petroleum fuel sources. Sources for ...

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  • The Fire Element

    The Fire Element

    Topics: Süd-Chemie in its Element: Fire for progress. Group News: Large-scale merger on the foundry market. Catalytic Post-combustion: Efficie

  • Handbook of Plant-Based Biofuels

    Handbook of Plant-Based Biofuels

    With the depletion of oil resources as well as the negative environmental impact of fossil fuels, there is much interest in alternative energy ...