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  • York Pilot Plant
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    York Pilot Plant

    By Abengoa Bioenergy

    York pilot plant (Nebraska, US) we have been able to acquire the process and operation know-how required for the development of the industrial-scale biomass in Hugoton. The tests required for the correct design of the ...

  • Beet Introduction Application
    Showcase Product

    Beet Introduction Application

    By MAGUIN SAS - a Moret Industries Company

    The knowledge and experience of Maguin-Interis was developed in France in the field of distilleries and Beet sugar plants, which supply alcohol to world leading spirits and cosmetics groups.

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    Compound Energy Systems

    Green energy is essential to the development of a sustainable society but its output can be unstable. It is therefore necessary to develop a network ...

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    Biomass to Renewable Energy Processes

    This text introduces fundamental principles and practical applications of biomass-to-renewable energy processes. The biological processes discussed ...

  • /files/4326/images/covers/978-1-56022-175-3.jpg

    Handbook of Plant-Based Biofuels

    With the depletion of oil resources as well as the negative environmental impact of fossil fuels, there is much interest in alternative energy ...

  • /files/4326/publications/8572/978-1-4200-5124-7.jpg

    Biofuels: Biotechnology, Chemistry, and Sustainable Development

    Focuses on the importance of developing biological and sustainable technologies for fuels and commodity chemicals to reduce the present dependency on ...

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    Biofuel is a renewable energy source produced from natural (biobased) materials, which can be used as a substitute for petroleum fuels. The benefits ...

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  • SG Bio Fuels

    SG Bio Fuels

    SG Bio Fuels is the top leading global publication in the Energy market. The website is designed to inspire and promote information for those who ...

  • BioGasol


    BioGasol is a combined biotechnology and engineering company in the field of renewable energy. BioGasol has developed breakthrough technologies for ...

  • Abengoa Bioenergy

    Abengoa Bioenergy

    Abengoa Bioenergía is a leader in the development of new technologies for the production of biofuels and chemical bioproducts and the sustainability ...

  • BioFuel Technology A/S

    BioFuel Technology A/S

    Welcome to BioFuel Technology ApS “Climate change, rising oil prices and a concern for future energy supplies, have led to a growing interest in the ...

  • Center Energy Trading LTD

    We are a young team specialized in trading with the lowest price Biofuel, Bioethanol (Europe location). A team of experts with consolidated ...