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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Project SolidStandards - Case Study

    The SolidStandards project aims at gathering and spreading first experiences with the practical implementation of new European standards in biofuel production and logistics. The consortium will support 7 selected companies (solid biofuel producers, traders, end-users) in standard implementation through the elaboration of feasibility studies, product testing and quality management.

  • RFS: There are no lost gallons to reallocate

    In the final days before EPA issues the 2020 volumes for the federal biofuel mandate and makes a ruling on the supplemental proposal offered in October, it’s critical to acknowledge that all ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • 2nd Generation Midsized De-centralized Bioenergy Plants

    2nd Generation Midsized De-centralized Bioenergy Plants

    The BioFuel 2nd generation midsized de-centralized bioenergy plants are particularly well suited for rural areas. Here, cheap input substrates for biofuel production are abundant and readily available at minimum transportation costs.