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  • Renewable Multifuel Burners
    Showcase Product

    Renewable Multifuel Burners

    By World Thermal Service AB (WTS)

    It gives the customer an opportunity to convert existing boilers into production units with renewable fuel at a lower capital cost than building a new boiler. The existing fuel is still available and can always be used ...

  • Tube-In-Shell Heat Exchangers
    Showcase Product

    Tube-In-Shell Heat Exchangers

    By Claro Inc

    Claro designs and manufactures proprietary modular tube-in-shell heat exchangers that are simple to install and disassemble, deliver maximum heating and cooling transfer efficiencies, and require no maintenance ...

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  • BIOX Corporation

    BIOX Corporation

    BIOX is a renewable energy company with a growing network of production facilities and distribution infrastructures in North America, including two ...

  • BiogasWorld Media Inc.

    BiogasWorld Media Inc.

    BiogasWorld is a Canadian business generation platform & online marketplace, dedicated to connecting the global biogas industry by accelerating ...

  • Pace Global Energy Services

    Pace Global Energy Services

    Pace Global blends extensive knowledge of all aspects of the global energy industry with over 30 years of commercial experience to provide unmatched ...

  • Growth Energy

    Growth Energy

    Growth Energy is the leading biofuel trade association in the country. We represent producers and supporters of ethanol who are working to bring ...

  • Scipio Biofuels Inc.

    Scipio Biofuels Inc.

    The seeds of Scipio Biofuels Inc were planted in 2002 at Lake Elsinore in Southern California. As the Project Engineer for Phycotronics, Matt Snyder ...