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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Project Assen, Netherlands - Case Study

    Bright Biomethane has developed an installation in Assen for upgrading biogas to a methane-rich product gas which can be injected into the gas grid. This installation is able to separate methane and carbon dioxide with a very high efficiency and to a very high methane concentration. In this project a small scale biogas upgrading unit is placed to upgrade biogas from the sewage plant to the ...


  • Biomethane System Analysis ETG 8500 BIO M

    Biomethane System Analysis ETG 8500 BIO M

    Over the last decade the biogas upgrading to biomethane has become widespread in some countries where the production of biogas from the collection systems in urban waste dumps, from civil wastewater treatment plants and from digestion was already ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Biomethane Potential Analyzer

    Biomethane Potential Analyzer

    The BPA-800 Biomethane Potential Analyzer monitors the production of biogas in bench scale reactors for precision optimizing of gas production for evaluation of environmental and chemical adjustments.