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Biogas Cleaning equipment for Bioenergy

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    AirScience - Model AST-AC/S01 - Biogas Dry Desulfurization Process

    Iron based desulfurization media has low cost and high desulfurization capacity as its main advantage, however the chemical reaction occurring during the capture of hydrogen sulfide tends to agglomerate the media pellets in larger chunks which render the spent media removal a time consuming chore. For this reason the tendency for landfill gas and ...

    By AirScience Technologies Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Desulfurization System Product line

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    ERG V-tex - Syngas and Biogas Cleaning

    Whether the requirement is for cleaning tars from biogases generated from a hot gasification process, or sulphurous compounds or VOCs from biofuels generated from an anerobic digestion process, V-tex can be the solution.

    By ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Contaminant Scrubbing Technology Product line

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    Shand & Jurs - Model 97125 - Biogas Condensate Accumulator

    The Shand & Jurs Biogas 97125 Condensate Accumulator is designed to permit the removal and storage of liquid condensation from biogas while maintaining system pressure integrity. Condensate is a typical byproduct that forms in the pipeline when the hot, saturated biogas cools as it moves through the piping system. The removal of condensate ...

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    AirScience - Biogas To Compressed Natural Gas

    Converting biogas to transportation fuel as compressed natural gas (CNG) is happening today. It is generating far more revenue per cubic meter of biogas than steam or electricity generation. It is the ultimate in the valorization of biogas.

    By AirScience Technologies Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Technologies Product line

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    AirScience - Biogas Flares

    Anaerobic Digester (AD) biogas applications; For AD biogas applications enclosed flame flares are used to burn excess biogas from the process as well as to burn the full biogas production while the downstream biogas valorization system is stopped for maintenance or emergency conditions. The exhaust gas emissions meet the most stringent North ...

    By AirScience Technologies Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Flares Product line

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    Dürr Megtec - Biogas Purification Systems

    Dürr Megtec offers biogas purification equipment to remove particulate, H2S, CO2, H2O and siloxanes from digester, wastewater treatment, landfill, or other biogas streams.

    By Dürr Systems, Inc. based in De Pere, WISCONSIN (USA). from Exhaust Gas and Air Pollution Control - Sorptive Processes Product line

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    AirScience TerraGas - Biogas To High Purity Hydrogen

    The Terragas process jointly developed by Unitel Technologies and AirScience Technologies, converts biogas from municipal solid waste landfills, anaerobic digesters of waste water treatment plants and other sources to high purity hydrogen.

    By AirScience Technologies Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Technologies Product line

  • Gasification / Pyrolysis

    Gasification is a process that converts carbonaceous materials, such as chicken litter, rice hulls, saw dust etc. into syngas which can be used to power gensets to generate electricity or fuel boilers to provide steam for production processes.

    By Biogas Australia Pty Ltd based in Angaston, AUSTRALIA. from Gasification Product line

  • Model RD Series - Superior Biogas Contaminant Removal System

    Gas is treated and filtered by a scrubber before compression, which raises its temperature, and lowers its relative humidity. Compressed gas flows thru Moisture Evaporator and After-Cooler, where gas is cooled to near ambient temperature.

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Landfill Gas Dryers / Digester Gas Dryers / Biogas Dryers Product line

  • Generon - Biogas Processing Treatment Systems

    During anaerobic digestion or degradation in the absence of oxygen, organic material is decomposed by bacteria forming biogas, a mixture of CO2 and CH4 with trace amounts of H2S and H2O. The biogas can be used as vehicle fuel, in industrial processes or injected into the gas distribution grid, but first needs to be treated. GENERON membrane ...

    By Generon based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Gas Separation & Gas Conditioning Product line

  • Yearly - Biogas Filter Kit

    The biogas filter, composed of activated carbon, needs to be replaced approximately every six months. Get 2 biogas filters to be prepared for a full year of biogas cooking!

    By HomeBiogas Inc based in Beit Yanai, ISRAEL.

  • Turnkey Units

    Our turnkey units can handle a big range of gases such as air, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas and other hydrocarbons in indoor, outdoor or explosive areas (ATEX) .

    By K&S Equipment and Machinery Corporation based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Custom Gas Compressor Product line

  • Valogaz - Biogas Conditioning System

    For any biogas valorization unit, it is necessary to dry and pressurize the biogas before its using in an engine, a (micro)turbine or a boiler. The biogas initially saturated with water can damage the equipment (corrosion, heating unit damage...). Therefore, a drying phase is required. The biogas must be pressurized as well to make it usable ...

    By Prodeval based in Chateauneuf, FRANCE.

  • Biogas Dehumidifier

    A standard biogas dehumidifier consists of 2 tube heat exchangers. Including a biogas to biogas heat exchanger for biogas reheating, and, a cold water to biogas heat exchanger for biogas cooling. Cold water is provided by an industrial grade chiller and a demister pod is located between the 2 heat exchangers to remove any airborne water droplets. ...

    By Biogas Products Ltd based in Brierley Hill, UNITED KINGDOM. from Biogas Conditioning Product line

  • Gas Upgrading With MT-Amine Scrubbing

    The pressureless amine scrubbing is a heat-led process for the production of biomethane of raw biogas. The biogas is initially dried and desulphurised. Afterwards, the methane content is increased by a chemical scrubbing through the separation of carbon dioxide.

    By MT-BioMethan GmbH based in Zeven, GERMANY.

  • Model GC-IMS-SILOX - Portable Measurement Instrument for Siloxane Levels in Biogas

    The ideal instrument for the online or portable measurement of siloxane levels in biogas. The presence of siloxanes has become a significant problem for the biogas generation industry. These compounds, present in landfill and food waste streams, deposit as silicon crystals on energy generation equipment. This can be seriously detrimental to their ...

    By Imspex Diagnostics Ltd. based in Abercynon, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Wooden Roofs

    The wooden roofs are an efficient filter system of biogas, the sulfuhydric acid of the biogas is concentrated on them. Biogas is desulfurized in the digester through a biocatalization process with injected air. This process helps the CHP unit to operate efficiently during a long period. The wooden roof offers an ideal environment for the bacteria ...

    By SPD Biogás based in Esquiroz, SPAIN.

  • Willexa - Biogas Chilling & Dehydration System

    Biogas contains many contaminants that can be damaging to your process, especially when combined with heat and moisture. Our chilling and dehydration systems combine the latest technology in heat exchangers, chillers, separators, drains, and instruments into a low pressure drop, low power consumption, corrosion resistant, and fully integrated skid ...

    By Willexa Energy, LLC based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Options Product line

  • Quadrogen - Biogas Clean-up System

    Quadrogen s IBCS 300 system purifies biogas from a variety of sources including those with challenging constituent gases and contaminants, such as landfills - for use with fuel cell applications. Quadrogen’s core proprietary technology — the C3P process — is comprised of up to 4 steps and allows Quadrogen to remove biogas ...

    By Quadrogen Power Systems, Inc. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Biogas Valorization

    We make complete biogas lines, that covers all the equipment necessary to the good functioning of the instalation.

    By Biogaz System Depollution Valorisation (BSDV) based in Sancé, FRANCE.

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