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Biogas Cogeneration (CHP) equipment for Bioenergy

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    AERZEN Delta - Model GM 3S ... 50L - Biogas Packaged Unit - Positive Displacement Blowers

    Premium technologies for the biogas sector - made by AERZEN. Whether boosting the intake pressure of combined heat and power (CHP) engines and treatment plants for biogas (BGTP) or as an essential part of biogas injection plants (BGIP) for the compression of biomethane to inject into gas grids; AERZEN has the suitable blower or compressor for each ...

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    Siemens - Model BGA - Biogas Analyzer

    Gas analysis in biogas plants with the 'Set BGA' complete measuring system from Siemens. Set BGA (Bio Gas Analyzer) is a fully configured and ready-to-run gas analysis system for use in biogas plants. The integrated ULTRAMAT 23 industrial gas analyzer has four measuring channels for simultaneous determination of the relevant gas components ...

    By Siemens Industry, Inc. - Process Analytics based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Continuous Gas Analytics Product line

  • BioSpark - Fuel Conditioning System

    The BioSpark Fuel Conditioning System is scalable, and can be customized for any application. Systems are customized to best eliminate the moisture, H2S, and siloxanes identified at each site. It includes patented technology that provides efficient biogas conditioning, resulting in reduced maintenance, lower costs and increased output.

    By BioSpark based in Boston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Bioxygen - O2 Injection System

    BiOXYGEN by SYSADVANCE makes use of the PSA technology to produce pure oxygen from air by selective adsorption of N2 on a special molecular sieve material. As a result, only O2 is injected in your bioprocess for H2S reduction avoiding the biogas dilution with contaminants.

    By Sysadvance , SA based in Moreira da Maia, PORTUGAL.

  • Biogas Flare

    If biogas can’t get stored or removed by CHP cause of maintenance or stoppages, it should get burnt for environ- mental reasons. This can be done by biogas flares. Manually steared flares has to be started and stopped by stuff and are often powered by a 12V lead-acid battery. Fully automatic flares are starting, if there is too much gas- ...

    By BioBG GmbH based in Westerstede, GERMANY. from Biogas Upgrading Product line

  • Alfagy - Model CHP - Biomass Power Plant

    Alfagy's digester gas, biogas and sewage gas CHP (cogeneration) and generators are easy and space-saving to install. In short, no reason to mess about - just 'plug and play' to generate heat and power!.

    By Alfagy Ltd. based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Biogas CHP Unit

    Local transformation of input into electricty and heat. Problematic wastes are disposed (f.e. municipal solid waste, manufacturing waste or landfill gas. Reduce (air) pollution. Increase energy efficiency. Reduce emissions. Qualify for (local) incentives for renewable energy

    By Dordtech Engineering B.V. based in Dordrecht, NETHERLANDS.

  • HoSt - Industrial Biogas Plants

    HoSt has a broad experience in supplying industrial biogas plants. In these industrial biogas plants, organic waste currents are digested without the addition of manure. We have supplied systems for processing slaughterhouse waste, industrial and municipal primary and secondary sludge, unpacked food products, and industrial food ...

    By HoSt based in Enschede, NETHERLANDS. from Digestion Plants Product line

  • Patented Upflow & Downflow Reactors

    BioTec innovative waste pre sorting process that yields organics better than 95°/o clean. Both MSW and SSO requires that recyclables be sorted out first, followed by separating organics from non organics and sand, stones, glass. The represented advanced pre sorting process for large amounts of waste requires crushing, screening, baling, ...

    By BIOGAS Equity 2, Inc. based in CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Power Shade - Biogas Cogeneration Plant (CHP)

    Biogas Cogeneration - Combined Heat and Power provides onsite energy generation from climate-neutral, regenerative fuels, achieving up to 100% conversion of energy into heat and thermal energy.

    By Power Shade EU based in Cantanhede, PORTUGAL.

  • Package Cogeneration Plants

    The container-type, co-generation plant, that is, the combined heat and power plant, fired with biogas or natural gas, is a pre-built solution for those looking for efficient energy sources and for facilities which require the simultaneous production of electricity and heat. The co-generator set, fired with biogas, is the best way to ecologically ...

    By H.Cegielski - Poznań S.A. based in Poznań, POLAND. from Traditional Power Systems Product line

  • Agenitor - Model 75 to 450kW - Power Plant

    The Agenitor is a highly efficient power plant with optimsed gas engine and lower fuel costs.  This engine is a result of intensive work by the 2G development team at 2G Drive GmbH.  It's improved combustion chamber geometry has made it possible to increase the efficiency of the Agenitor range.

    By Evo Energy Technologies based in Seventeen Mile Rocks, AUSTRALIA. from 2G Biogas CHP Product line

  • AgriCompact - Model 48 - Round/Square Bales Biogas Dryer

    This COMPACT HAY DRYER with air recirculation dries 48 bales of forage and can accommodate both round and/or square bales.  The plant in metallic construction is arranged in 4 rows and can be loaded and unloaded from both sides using a telescopic loader.  This COMPACT Hay Dryer is equipped with an electrical ...

    By AgriCompact Technologies GmbH based in Bingen am Rhein, GERMANY. from Hay Dryers Compact in Metallic Construction Product line

  • BSP - Heat Storage Tank

    Dryer & solutions for the intermediate storage of heat from waste heat or renewable energies. The storage of heat from biogas plants, biomass cogeneration plants or other heat sources is an important prerequisite for eective use. BSP buer tank systems are economic system solutions for the storage and supply of thermal energy and can be easily ...

    By BSP Engineering S.r.l. based in Zevio – Frazione Santa Maria, ITALY. from Liquid Tank Product line

  • AgriCompact - Model 56 - Round/Square Bales Biogas Dryers

    This COMPACT HAY DRYER with air recirculation dries 56 bales of forage, and accommodates either round and/or square bales. The plant in metallic construction is arranged in 4 rows and can be loaded and unloaded from both sides with a telescoping loader. This COMPACT HAY DRYER is equipped with an elelctric motor which powers the fan. This model ...

    By AgriCompact Technologies GmbH based in Bingen am Rhein, GERMANY. from Hay Dryers Compact in Metallic Construction Product line

  • MWM - Model TCG 2020 - Gas Engine

    Gas engine TCG 2020 / TCG 2020 K - Facts and Figures,Output range from 1,200 to 2,000 kwe.Best electrical and thermal efficiency in its output class.Runs on all gas types: natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, mine gas, etc.TCG 2020 is mainly used for CHP plants in Europe and for biogas worldwide.TCG 2020K was especially adapted to ...

    By Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH based in Mannheim, GERMANY. from Gas Engines / Gensets Product line

  • Biogas Power Plants

    O.C.R.E.M., particularly attentive to environmental concerns and energy saving, constructs latest generation cogenerators for biogas power plants .

    By O.C.R.E.M. srl based in Fossombrone (PU), ITALY.

  • AgriCompact - Model 110 - Square Bales Biogas Hay Dryers

    COMPACT Hay Dryer with heat recovery built with a grid made of concrete and an insulated greenhouse which dries 110 square bales of forage. On the load-bearing grid customers can drive with their tractors/telescopics.  This COMPACT model's fan works with an electric motor. This COMPACT model uses the hot water from the cogeneration of ...

    By AgriCompact Technologies GmbH based in Bingen am Rhein, GERMANY. from Compact Hay Dryers In Concrete Construction Product line

  • Patruus - Model 50 to 64kW - 2G Power Plant

    With decades of established motor technology, the patruus is the most experienced member of the 2G power plant family. It is a robust and efficient supplier of electricity and heat and is available in the electrical output range up to 64 kW.

    By Evo Energy Technologies based in Seventeen Mile Rocks, AUSTRALIA. from 2G Biogas CHP Product line

  • WT - Biomass Systems

    Our systems can turn energy crops, food and agriculture by products, animal manure and slaughter waste into something more profitable. Feedstock is homogenized in the mixing unit and automatically pumped into our highly optimized medium-loading rate, continuous flow anaerobic biodigestors. The entire biodigestion process is software controlled, ...

    By WT Energy SMEA S.r.l based in Repubblica di San Marino, ITALY. from Other Products Product line

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