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Biogas Digesters equipment for Bioenergy

  • Citadel BioCat+ - Biogas Plants

    Citadel Biocat+ is now operational at 25 AD plants in 10 countries - Germany, Austria, India, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Slovenia, Neteherlands, Czech Republic and the UK. Licensees in each country are currently sharing the benefits of the brand with operators of the plants. The benefits include increasing biogas production whilst ...

    By Citadel Environmental Solutions (CES) based in Grittleton, Chippenham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Biogas Generation Digester Feedstock

    Practically any natural organic waste can be used to produce biogas. It has been found that pig and poultry manures produce more biogas per unit weight than for example cattle manure. However the carbon to total nitrogen ratio (C: N) is lower than in cattle manure and this increases the risk of digester failure. To overcome this risk, the ...

    By Biogas Australia Pty Ltd based in Angaston, AUSTRALIA. from Biogas Generation Product line

  • Biogas Plants

    Make good use of the organic waste from your industrial and farming processes and turn them into electricity and heat. If your industry generates a big amount of organic waste and you need electricity and heat you can enhance the value of your waste thanks to our Biogas Plants. They cover all the necessary processes to synthesize fuel and its ...

    By Norvento based in Lugo, SPAIN. from Other Products Product line

  • Biogas and Biomethane

    E3's anaerobic digestion technologies maximize the conversion of organic substrates to biogas. E3's technologies can economically produce pipeline quality (High BTU) gas for direct pipeline injection or as a transportation fuel.

    By Environmental Energy & Engineering Company based in Olympia, WASHINGTON (USA). from Products Product line

  • CelluGas - Biogas from Cellulose

    Biogas From Cellulose. CelluGas technology combines E-Technology’s pre-treatment technology (CelluTreat) with anaerobic digestion to produce biogas. By pre-treating the biomass it can be efficiently retted into biogas. The technology can be used to increase production in existing digestion chambers.

    By The SEKAB Group based in Örnsköldsvik, SWEDEN. from CelluTech Product line

  • Biogas Plant

    In Germany alone, more than 6,000 biogas plants generate electricity, heat and steam, and for several years they have also produced fuel. Biogas is a particularly versatile renewable energy source. Its potential is just being discovered in Germany. Residual material – organic waste from the food industry, slurry and dung from agriculture or ...

    By AEV Energy GmbH based in Dresden, GERMANY.

  • Hydraulic Retention Time For Biogas Generation

    Anaerobic digestion depends on the biological activity of relatively slowly reproducing methanogenic bacteria. These bacteria must be given sufficient time to reproduce, so that they can replace cells lost with the effluent sludge, and adjust their population size to follow fluctuations in organic loading. If the rate of bacteria lost from the ...

    By Biogas Australia Pty Ltd based in Angaston, AUSTRALIA. from Biogas Generation Product line

  • Alfagy - Model CHP - Biomass Power Plant

    Alfagy's digester gas, biogas and sewage gas CHP (cogeneration) and generators are easy and space-saving to install. In short, no reason to mess about - just 'plug and play' to generate heat and power!.

    By Alfagy Ltd. based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Biogas - Tailored Power Generation Systems

    Biogas Systems offers tailored power generation systems for landfill and anaerobic digester applications. We use a range of various engines depending on the application, but specialise in adapting these engines for ease of commissioning, maintenance and ensuring they are cost effective. Our power generation systems range from single 150 kW engines ...

    By Biogas Systems based in Norwood, AUSTRALIA.

  • Model FB ULTRA - Biogas Filter

    The biogas generated in anaerobic digesters and landfills is saturated with water and contains small solid particles in suspension, elemental sulphur dust and other contaminants, therefore efficient filtration is necessary before using it. Failure to remove these impurities may actually cause devices and processes downstream of the filter to ...

    By Biogas Engineering S.r.l based in Noventa Vicentina, ITALY.

  • Organics - Biogas Digester Technologies

    Biogas can be produced in digesters. Production depends on the following factors: Organic content, Wet or dry waste, Land availability. There are several different types of digester technologies including lagoons which are typically employed when the feedstock is wastewater effluent from agricultural waste or animal manure. Using this technology, ...

    By Organics USA, Inc. based in Sheridan, WYOMING (USA). from Biogas Product line

  • Dystor - Double Membrane Digester Gas Holder Systems

    The highest return on investment of any digester available. The Dystor system uses a dome-shaped, engineered membrane system to store biogas, and prevent odors. The Dystor system’s outer membrane remains inflated in a fixed position. The inner membrane moves freely as it stores or releases biogas generated from the anaerobic digestion ...

    By Evoqua Water Technologies LLC based in Warrendale, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Anaerobic Digestion Product line

  • Model 239A - 240 H-O-A - Waste Gas Burner / Manual Ignition System

    The Varec 239A Series Waste Gas Burner is designed for burning biogas generated in the anaerobic digestion process. Burning or flaring to the atmosphere reduces the potential odor nuisance from venting directly to the atmosphere. This burner is suitable for burning low volumes of biogas, which is typically very 'wet', with a low BTU value (between ...

    By Varec Biogas - Ovivo Inc based in Huntington Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Burners / Flares Product line

  • Biogas Equipment

    UAB “GreenWroks Industry”  offers the following services: Consultations – Design – Supply – Construction – Start-up and adjustment works.

    By UAB GreenWorks Industry based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA. from Other Product line

  • PRESECO - Industrial Biogas Plants

    Our industrial biogas plants are based on the patented Anaerobic Digestion Accelerator technology, ADA, a systemcreated by nature in deep waters and developed by us. It isat its best when processing energy-rich biowaste, such asfats and animal proteins.These substances also have the highest energy productionpotential. Preseco industrial biogas ...

    By Separator Sp. z o.o. based in Gdynia, POLAND.

  • Gasometer

    The gasometer shape at the biogas plant, is the connecting element between the digester and generator (motor-alternator/fuelalternatorcells).

    By Biogas Engineering S.r.l based in Noventa Vicentina, ITALY.

  • Biogas Generation Digester

    There are many different types of digesters for the anaerobic digestion of biomass in the market place. Biogas Australia seeks to provide an economical solution for one of the main components of a biogas plant, that being the digester.

    By Biogas Australia Pty Ltd based in Angaston, AUSTRALIA. from Biogas Generation Product line

  • ALFA - Model Mola-B-S185 - Medium Size China Biogas Plant

    The Biogas Plant of double diaphragm is made of high-strengthened, high-elastic synthetic engineering diaphragm and of perfect anti-acid and anti-corrosion ability. Its capacity of absorbing the ambient heat and storing it is 30% higher than that of other material.

    By chongqing mola-energy technology Co.,Ltd. based in chongqing, CHINA. from Home Using Biogas Digester Product line

  • Sebigas - Cogeneration (CHP) and Biomethane Purification (Upgrading) System

    To convert the biogas produced into energy, SEBIGAS provides a complete cogeneration system in container, including a heat engine and an alternator. The system is also equipped with a heat recovery system for the production of thermal energy. In addition, to increase the energy efficiency of the plant, it is possible to recover energy from the ...

    By Sebigas spa based in Olgiate Olona (VA), ITALY.

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