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Biogas Drying equipment for Bioenergy

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    AirScience - Model AST-AC/S01 - Biogas Dry Desulfurization Process

    Iron based desulfurization media has low cost and high desulfurization capacity as its main advantage, however the chemical reaction occurring during the capture of hydrogen sulfide tends to agglomerate the media pellets in larger chunks which render the spent media removal a time consuming chore. For this reason the tendency for landfill gas and ...

    By AirScience Technologies Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Desulfurization System Product line

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    AirScience - Subcooling and Reheating Process

    The process consist in cooling the biogas to a temperature lower, by a few degrees, than the desired dew point temperature, to condense the humidity along with desolved compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and siloxanes as well as low boiler hydrocarbons. The gas is then re-heated to the desired temperature through a compression stage compression.

    By AirScience Technologies Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Gas Dehumidification System Product line

  • Model RD Series - Superior Biogas Contaminant Removal System

    Gas is treated and filtered by a scrubber before compression, which raises its temperature, and lowers its relative humidity. Compressed gas flows thru Moisture Evaporator and After-Cooler, where gas is cooled to near ambient temperature.

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Landfill Gas Dryers / Digester Gas Dryers / Biogas Dryers Product line

  • Valogaz - Biogas Conditioning System

    For any biogas valorization unit, it is necessary to dry and pressurize the biogas before its using in an engine, a (micro)turbine or a boiler. The biogas initially saturated with water can damage the equipment (corrosion, heating unit damage...). Therefore, a drying phase is required. The biogas must be pressurized as well to make it usable ...

    By Prodeval based in Chateauneuf, FRANCE.

  • Biogas Dehumidifier

    A standard biogas dehumidifier consists of 2 tube heat exchangers. Including a biogas to biogas heat exchanger for biogas reheating, and, a cold water to biogas heat exchanger for biogas cooling. Cold water is provided by an industrial grade chiller and a demister pod is located between the 2 heat exchangers to remove any airborne water droplets. ...

    By Biogas Products Ltd based in Brierley Hill, UNITED KINGDOM. from Biogas Conditioning Product line

  • Heat & Energy Recovery

    Claro provides complete heat and energy recovery systems for municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications. We can recover up to 85% of outgoing heat energy from process tanks such as anaerobic digesters with Claro modular tube-in-shell or large gap heat exchangers. Energy cost-savings are immediate and translate into very quick pay-back ...

    By Claro Inc based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Heat Exchangers & Energy Recovery Product line

  • Biogas Dehumidification System

    Biogas Dehumidification – Key Components; Biogas is usually saturated with water vapour and contains contaminants that need to be removed or reduced including hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, chlorides, fluorides, siloxanes and aromatic compounds. Most of these elements are water-soluble; so by achieving efficient dehumidification it is ...

    By PpTek Ltd based in West Sussex, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Renewable Multifuel Burners

    It gives the customer an opportunity to convert existing boilers into production units with renewable fuel at a lower capital cost than building a new boiler. The existing fuel is still available and can always be used as back up or topping up. When installing a new combustion system in an existing boiler the customer get a dual or triple fuel ...

    By World Thermal Service AB (WTS) based in Nyköping, SWEDEN.

  • Biogas Cooling- Drying Plants

    Various sizes, able to get integrated in all systems, low operating costs (Because of integrated reheating), suited for outdoor installation, insulated standard, various sizes ( 25-2000m³/h ), integratable into all systems, quick change system incl. Non-Stop-Operation, low operating costs through maximum, utilization of activated carbon, ...

    By BioBG GmbH based in Westerstede, GERMANY. from Biogas Upgrading Product line

  • Model TPHT S180 18,5 kW - Dry Mounted Pumps

    Efficient biomass handling is a demand for LJM´s dry mounted pumps. LJM´s dry mounted pumps are reliable and provide you a sustainable and effective solution. This gives you security in your daily work! Today biogas plants demand for effective handling of biomass is very high. LJM's dry mounted pumps are equipped with a cutting wheel ...

    By LJM Lind Jensens Maskinfabrik based in Højmark, DENMARK. from Biogas Product line

  • Model 237 - Gas Chiller Drying System

    The gas first passes through a coalescing filter where particulates are removed. This prevents impingement on the heat exchanger fins and extends the life of the heat exchanger. A Glycol mixture is chilled using a refrigeration unit. The glycol is then circulated through a heat exchanger where it cools the gas to the desired temperature. Any ...

    By Varec Biogas - Ovivo Inc based in Huntington Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Gas Control Product line

  • Herhof - Biogas System

    The wet fermentation technology widely used up to this point, which was designed essentially for fermentation of liquid manure, reaches the limits imposed by the process at DS (dry substance) contents greater than 15%. The reason for this is essentially that the substrate is increasingly difficult to agitate and pump. In addition the wear out of ...

    By Herhof GmbH based in Solms, GERMANY.

  • Model GKV - Frame Mounted Supply Unit

    The GKV is based on the same concept as the GCKV: consistent bundling of all key functional units that are needed to reliably supply the gas motors (e.g. satellite CHP plants) with the biogas produced. Unlike the GCKV, however, where all system components are housed in a closed container, with the GKV the components such as the gas cooler, ...

    By Siloxa AG based in Essen, GERMANY. from Gas Conditioning Product line

  • Zorg - Biogas Plants

    Biogas production is possible on biogas plants of very different scale. They can be small plants to produce energy for local needs or gigantic centralized Energy Parks for gas and electric power supply to public grid. Specially grown energy crops, agricultural industry wastes and many food wastes are all suitable for biogas production. Feedstock ...

    By Zorg Biogas AG based in Zurich, SWITZERLAND.

  • Biogas Drying Units

    Biogas from anaerobic digestion is saturated with water vapour that has a significant negative impact on the performance of energy recovery units. Removal of moisture is achieved by means of cooling down the biogas flow so that moisture turns into condensate water that can be easily separated, collected and discharged. The system is based on an ...

    By Progeco srl based in Brescia (BS), ITALY. from Other Products Product line

  • Model E Series - Economical Biogas Contaminant Removal System

    Gas is filtered by an inlet scrubber before the gas to refrigerant (or glycol) heat exchanger to remove entrained particulates & liquids; and, to keep heat exchangers clean. The gas to refrigerant heat exchanger cools gas to 40oF before its compressed, which protects blower/compressor.

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Landfill Gas Dryers / Digester Gas Dryers / Biogas Dryers Product line

  • Model TCR Series - Total Containment Biogas Contaminant Removal System

    Using Subzero Air to Remove Siloxanes and Other Pollutants. Pioneer offers a range of options and solutions for cleaning, compressing & drying energy rich LFG, DG & Bio gases. In addition to cooling, activated carbons and desiccants are effective in separating most contaminants; however, the media regeneration and disposal costs are high. ...

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Landfill Gas Dryers / Digester Gas Dryers / Biogas Dryers Product line

  • AgriCompact - Model 32 - Round/Square Biogas Compact Hay Dryer

    This Compact Hay Dryer with air recirculation dries 32 bales of forage and can accommodate both round and/or square bales. The plant in metallic construction is arranged in 4 rows and can be loaded and unloaded from both sides using a telescopic loader. This Hay Dryer COMPACT model is fitted with a DIESEL generator which powers the electric fan. ...

    By AgriCompact Technologies GmbH based in Bingen am Rhein, GERMANY. from Hay Dryers Compact in Metallic Construction Product line

  • Model Plus - Biogas Drying System

    Biogas Plus offers you several possibilities to dry liquid and/or (semi) solid products. By using (waste) heat air is being warmed up. The air passes the drying installation and thus water is being evaporated.

    By Biogas Plus BV based in Deurne, NETHERLANDS.

  • Corn Dryer Safe with Waste Heat

    There is piping from biogas cogneneration station leading to pre-heat chamber for corn dryer. Throuhg this innovation user can safe up to 1 MW of heat energy.

    By PAWLICA, s.r.o based in Praha, CZECH REPUBLIC.

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