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  • Total Solutions Provider

    Total Solutions Provider

    Industries: agriculture, WTTP, Dairy, (food & Beverage) Industry, Waste, Oil & Gas Summary: Biogas upgrading projects are typically projects that involve multiple parties, partners and suppliers and an equal number of contracts. At DMT we thought we could do that differently. What is we can unburden the customer, make the process more efficient and save the ...


  • Biomethane drives green public transport in Estonia

    Biomethane drives green public transport in Estonia

    A mere six months separated order placement and the first feed-in into the Estonian gas network for the two latest gas upgrading plants from the EnviTec Biogas Group. “The two projects in Tartu and Vinni are our first EnviThan plants in ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Biogas Condensate Accumulator

    Biogas Condensate Accumulator

    The Shand & Jurs Biogas 97125 Condensate Accumulator is designed to permit the removal and storage of liquid condensation from biogas while maintaining system pressure integrity. Condensate is a typical byproduct that forms in the pipeline when the hot, saturated biogas cools as it moves through the piping system. The removal of condensate from the biogas is necessary to keep the gas train ...

Upcoming Events

  • US Biogas - 2020

    US Biogas - 2020

    The US Biogas Conference and Exhibition is bringing together 350 executives from all over U.S. and beyond to share their know-how on how to monetize biogas-RNG production. Being there means that you will network with the whole biogas-RNG universe: developers, municipalities, feedstock owners, energy producers, fleet operators, refineries and their supply chain.