Biogas Engineering

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  • Altaca Energy Projects Gönen Renewable Energy Facilities - Case Study

    One of the most important factors behind the success of our integrated energy and fertilizer facility in Gonen, which is both an environmental project and a project that provides a significant added value to the Turkish economy, is that it has an organic liquid fertilizer factory that can processes liquid wastes coming from the biogas plant. The plant was completely designed and constructed by ...

  • Meram Renewable Energy Facilities - Case Study

    Our Meram Renewable Energy and Organic Fertilizer Complex is currently under construction on 80,000 m2 of land within the boundaries of Meram District of Konya Province, Turkey. The below units will ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Siloxane Monitor for Biogas Feeds to CHP Engines

    Siloxane Monitor for Biogas Feeds to CHP Engines

    Gas derived from Anerobic Digestion (AD) plants or landfill sites is usually fed to combined heat and power (CHP) engines to be converted to electricity for supply to the grid or for powering on site plant and equipment. When engines fail they can be expensive to fix and lead to significant loss of income for the operator. Biogas and Landfill gases can have significant levels of Siloxane ...