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  • Case study: GFE Krogenskær A/S

    Case study: GFE Krogenskær A/S

    Substrate: Animal Manure & co-digestion Biogas flow: 1.200 Nm3/h H2S inlet: 3.000 ppm H2S outlet: 10 ppm Year of installation: 2010 The BioGascleaner was installed at Krogenskær as a replacement of another H2S filter which collapsed due to the normal H2S and biogas flow fluctuations of the

  • Biogas measurement devices

    As global oil prices remain high, countries around the globe are seeking renewable energy sources to increase energy efficiency and security. Among the sources of renewable energy is the production ...


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  • Siloxane Monitor for Biogas Feeds to CHP Engines

    Siloxane Monitor for Biogas Feeds to CHP Engines

    The STS Siloxane monitor is designed to output a total siloxane concentration in mg/m3 in gases derived from waste water treatment, food waste digestion and landfills. Understanding the levels of Siloxane in the gas allows operators to manage gas clean up systems such as activated carbon filters and regenerative filter systems. The monitor provides assurance to those exporting gas to grid that ...