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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Sustainable cost reductions: biogas from liquid wastes

    Generate energy instead of consuming it: treating liquid wastes and wastewater on a communal basis to generate biogas is an interesting alternative to conventional wastewater treatment and disposal for dairies. This is becoming a serious consideration for the future for milk producers given the globally increasing challenges arising from wastewater regulations or CO2 guidelines. More and more ...

  • Project Deurningen, Netherlands - Case Study

    A PurePac Mini biogas-to-biomethane upgrading system was installed in Deurningen, adjacent to a Microferm plant, generating biogas from cow manure. The installation produces 40 Nm3 green gas ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Biomethane // Our gas upgrading technology

    Biomethane // Our gas upgrading technology

    Before biogas can be fed into the natural gas grid or used as a fuel, it must first be upgraded to natural gas quality. Our answer to the requirements of the future is therefore EnviThan – our integrated solution from organic waste to the filling station pump!