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  • Biogas measurement devices

    As global oil prices remain high, countries around the globe are seeking renewable energy sources to increase energy efficiency and security. Among the sources of renewable energy is the production of biogas from landfill gas (LFG) or digester gas. To monetize biogas and create the most efficient fuel sources, it is critical to accurately measure how much biogas is produced in each stage of the ...


  • Supporting uptake of green gas

    Supporting uptake of green gas

    Lucy Culleton of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has won the first European Biogas Association(EBA) Poster Award for her work supporting the introduction of biogas into Europe`s gas networks.Declining natural gas resources and renewable ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Closed-combustion Automatic Biogas Flare

    Closed-combustion Automatic Biogas Flare

    The FAII biogas flare is an automatic, enclosed gas flare for combustion of biogas and other combustible gases, fully complying with the widely applied German air pollution regulation TA Luft.+500 references in more than 50 countries witness the robustness of our FAII flares!Available in a rage of 20 - 3.000 Nm3/h, at various pressures.Highly customizable for very particular project requirements.