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  • Cavitation Reactors

    Cavitation Reactors

    By combining the developments in acoustics, hydrodynamics and chemical kinetics, a new promising device is entering the market: the cavitation reactors, used for processing of suspensions, emulsions and for intensification of chemical processes in solutions. These devices are can be used either separately (in laboratory test-benches) or in industrial mixing processes. In today’s market, two ...


  • Ground Flare for Potato Processing Factory - Belgium

    Ground Flare for Potato Processing Factory - Belgium

    Enclosed ground flaring system has been installed at the Potato Processing Factory in Belgium. The engineered, built, and installed DWS flare, allows our client to maintain a constant pressure of their anaerobic reactor thanks to the link between ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Biomethane Potential Analyzer

    Biomethane Potential Analyzer

    The BPA-800 Biomethane Potential Analyzer monitors the production of biogas in bench scale reactors for precision optimizing of gas production for evaluation of environmental and chemical adjustments.