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  • Some Great Benefits Of The Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

    Some Great Benefits Of The Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

    The continuous pyrolysis plant is a superb investment with your business. This plant permits you to get a lot of work done quickly plus it doesn`t take too much time to figure out how to operate the plant since the manufacturer is going to help you get started. This plant will burn biomass or rubber 24 / 7. You may use the biomas


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  • Afterburner Ashing Furnace

    Afterburner Ashing Furnace

    The ABF Afterburner Ashing Furnace is particularly suitable for ashing larger samples or materials such as biomass, which are likely to generate substantial amounts of smoke. The furnace comprises a large main combustion chamber equipped as standard with a two tier set of sample baskets. The exhaust from the main chamber is processed through a high temperature afterburner designed to further ...