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Biomass Drying equipment for Bioenergy

  • Steam Boilers

    Justsen Steam Boilers can be designed within the following values of key parameters: Capacity: 800 kg/h - 30 t/h.  Pressure: Temperature (to correspond with the pressure): Typically 160-210 °C for saturated steam boilers. Typically 210-240 °C for overheated steam boilers. Fuel: all types of biomass. Wood waste (wet or dry), wood ...

    By Justsen Energiteknik A/S based in Brabrand, DENMARK.

  • CHP Boilers

    Justsen CHP Boilers can be designed within the following values of key parameters: Capacity: 10 t/h - 30 t/h. Pressure: ≤72 bar(a). Temperature (to correspond with the pressure): ≤480 °C. Fuel: all types of biomass. wood waste (wet or dry), wood pellets, wood briquettes, straw pellets, straw briquettes, milled peat, block peat, grain, ...

    By Justsen Energiteknik A/S based in Brabrand, DENMARK.

  • GreenEcoTherm - Model Series Pelletherm V.5 /Generato BIO - Biomass Hot Air Generator

    Series Pelletherm V.5 / GENERATO BIO are steel hot air biomass generators for drying installations and heating of residential, office, industrial premises and public places. They utilize wood pellets and dry calibrated wood chips (Model GENERATO BIO). The heated air is routed to adjacent rooms through air ducts. Main fuel dry calibrated wood chips ...

    By Ekoterm Proekt EAD based in Haskovo, BULGARIA. from Biomass Heating Product line

  • Godioli & Bellanti - Dryers for Wood Chip and Sawdust

    Continuous rotating dryer with hourly outputs up to 4000 kg/h. Continuous punched conveyor slat apron belt for hourly outputs above 4000 kg/h of humid chipped wood. Air drying temperature is generally below 100° C in order to contain loss of  calorific power of the volatile components of chipped wood. Drying with partial recycling of ...

    By Godioli & Bellanti s.p.a. based in Città di Castello (PG), ITALY. from Other Products Product line

  • Model SB-1,5 - Drum Dryer for Biomass (Formerly M-843)

    Functioning: material that is to be dried, goes using a conveyer and a chute down by gravity to the drying drum where the process of drying takes place. In the drum, the material is subjected to drying factor which is a composition of hot air and exhaust gases produced in the process of fuel combustion.

    By AGROMECH Sp. z o.o. based in Rogoźno Wlkp., POLAND. from Drum Dryers for Biomass Product line

  • AGICO - Model GC-DL Series - Biomass Dryer Systems

    The reason why we need biomass dryer system is because we have to consider the impact of raw material moisture on the biomass pellet machine. Biomass pellet mill in the production of pellet making process, the use of raw materials contained in the water, can better help the particles forming. But the humidity is best kept at 10-15%. If the raw ...

  • Wood & Agri Biomass Pelleting Plants

    Nawrocki Pelleting Technologies is a general supplier of technologies for turn-key pelleting plants. We deliever complete technologies and offer selected solutions, all adjusted to financial means and housing conditions of our Customer. However, we produce only three machines: pellet mills, coolers and screenings (not always ...

    By Mechanika Nawrocki, Ltd. based in Znin, POLAND. from Biomass, Plastic & Digestate Product line

  • CycloTherm - Model 2-60 MM BTU/Hr - Burner Systems

    This cyclonic style biomass burner is an economical alternative to fossil fuel combustion. A fully engineered, but simple, design promotes positive combustion conditions with a rotating combustion air stream. Fully modulating output rates make this combustor suitable for smaller drying applications when relatively clean biomass fuel is available.

    By SolaGen Incorporated based in St. Helens, OREGON (USA). from Industrial Product line

  • ARUNDO - Biomass Energy

    With around 50-80 dry tonnes* of biomass yield per hectare every year, Arundo is way ahead of its competitors.

    By Arundo BioEnergy based in Budapest, HUNGARY.

  • Pacific Sentry - Pyrolysis Slow Pyrolysis Demonstration Facility

    Pacific Pyrolysis has an operational continuous flow slow pyrolysis pilot demonstration facility, named PyroChar 300, at the Somersby Advanced Engineering Facility north of Sydney.  The pilot demonstration facility has a capacity of approximately 300kg/hr (dry basis) of biomass material and is capable of powering a 200 kW electrical generator ...

    By Pacific Pyrolysis Pty Limited based in Somersby, AUSTRALIA. from Technology Product line

  • Biomass Pelleting Module

    We have prepared a complete and compact pelleting line, including pellet cooling and cleaning - Biomass Pelleting Module, for those who have crushed and dry biomass.  The Biomass Pelleting Module does not require any  technological pits or other construction works.

    By Mechanika Nawrocki, Ltd. based in Znin, POLAND. from Biomass Product line

  • fanway - Model Y160M-R3 - Biomass Drying Machine

    Pipeline dryer is also referred as airflow sawdust dryer or hot flue impulse dryer which characterized by high drying efficiency. This sawdust drying machine is mainly applied in small capacity wood pellet plant. Pipeline dryer adopts impulse airflow drying principle to get fast and efficient drying effect. It is suitable for raw materials of ...


  • BioTra - Rotary Drum Dryer

    Rotary drum dryer and biomass burner; Our experience and contact in the industries help you in all aspect of pricing ,buying, installing and operating these equipment s . We also have access to a bank of used equipments ,and open door at manufacturers of all components. Let us share with you this experience.

    By BioTra Solutions based in QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • ReciproTherm - Model 10-200 MM BTU/Hr - Biomass Energy Systems

    This proven reciprocating grate combustor is ideal for use with difficult to burn biomass fuels. Fully capable of using fuels with moisture contents as high as 55% this combustor features high chrome grate bars, conservative heat release rates, generous furnace volumes, and automatic de-ashing. Ideal for hot gas generation with wet biomass fuel on ...

    By SolaGen Incorporated based in St. Helens, OREGON (USA). from Industrial Product line

  • Allance Pellet Machinery - Rotary Drum Dryer

    This rotary dryer is a type of industrial dryer employed to reduce the moisture content of biomass materials like sawdust, wood shavings and coffee husk, by bringing them into direct contact with a heated gas. The dryer is capable of handling large quantity of raw materials to be further processed.

    By Allance Pellet Machinery based in Zhengzhou , CHINA.

  • LJM - Dry Mounted Pumps for Efficient Biomass Handling

    Efficient biomass handling is a demand for LJM´s dry mounted pumps. LJM´s dry mounted pumps are reliable and provide you a sustainable and effective solution. This gives you security in your daily work! Today biogas plants demand for effective handling of biomass is very high.

    By LJM Lind Jensens Maskinfabrik based in Højmark, DENMARK. from Biogas Product line

  • Biomas Fuel

    Biomass is a renewable energy resource and is often defined as 'the biodegradable fraction of products, waste and residues from agriculture (including vegetal and animal substances), forestry and related industries, as well as the biodegradable fraction of industrial and municipal waste' (source EU Directive 2001/77/EC, Article ...

    By Wright Tech Systems Inc. based in Richmond Hill, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Holyday Resort Biogas Plants

    Holyday resorts, be it in the mountains, at the sea or on small islands anywhere in the world, produce a high amount of organic waste from food and kitchen leftovers. Biogas plants, tailored to the needs of the resort, turn this waste into green energy and organic fertilizer.

    By First Biogas International AG based in Winterthur, SWITZERLAND.

  • ANDRITZ - Model BDS - Biomass Belt Drying System

    Biomass drying - necessary pretreatment for further processes. ANDRITZ supplies the complete process, not only for sludge treatment, but also for biomass drying - from wet milling to drying, fine milling and pelleting, all from a single source.

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group based in Graz, AUSTRIA. from Belt, Drum, and Fluid Bed Dryers Product line

  • FLR - Wood Chip Drying Floors

    Taking advantage of the UK Government’s Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) many customers have installed biomass-heating systems and use woodchip as the boiler fuel. Woodchip is, of course, a sustainable fuel and can be purchased ready dried from commercial woodchip suppliers.

    By Flach & Le-Roy Ltd based in Huntingdon, UNITED KINGDOM.

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