Biomass Fuel

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  • Way A Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Machine Works

    Palm kernels tend to be tossed away, or they are burnt as a way to take them out after the harvest is carried out. What many farmers do not understand, or those that harvest oil palm fruit do not know in their value. Instead, they should save these up, and process them with the pyrolysis process. This might enable them to create charcoal and then sell it off to the highest price. However, they ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Ash Fusion Determinator

    Ash Fusion Determinator

    5E-AF4115The 5E-AF4115 Ash Fusion Determinator is an automatic instrument for the determination of the ash fusion of solid fuel ashes like biomass, coal and coke, solid recovered fuels etc. The high resolution optics enables a perfect observation during heating of the sample. An advantage for the determination of the tricky ash deformation point.