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  • Spending Less When Buying Biomass Pyrolysis Equipment

    Converting materials into biomass can be quite profitable, but it will need an upfront investment. If you need your initial investment to get smaller, you'll want to look into ways to spend less when selecting biomass pyrolysis machine. There are a variety of things you can do in order to save. Look ...


  • What Is The Ideal Material For Charcoal Briquette Machine

    What Is The Ideal Material For Charcoal Briquette Machine

    When users invest in a new type of charcoal briquette machine to make machine-made charcoal, they know that the raw materials of the charcoal briquette machine have an impact on the quality of machine-made charcoal. The quality of charcoal ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Ash Fusibility Test Furnace

    Ash Fusibility Test Furnace

    The CAF G5 is a furnace designed to test ash fusibility, and optionally, the increasingly popular determination of biomass or solid recovered fuels testing. The coal ash fusibility test furnace conforms to the Standards ISO 540:2008; ASTM D 1857 / D1857M – 04 (2010); DIN 51730:2007-09; DD CEN/TS 15370-1:2006 (biomass) and PD CEN/TR 15404:2010 (solid recovered fuels (SRF)). The CAF ...