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Biomass Gasification equipment for Bioenergy

  • Power Pallet - Model PP30 - 25kW Biomass Gasifier Genset

    The new and improved Power Pallet, model PP30, has the following improvements over the PP20 (now discontinued)* 25kW output, regardless of AC frequency* improved filtration system for easier maintenance* Grid-tie electronics (for microgrids, feed-in-tariffs and net metering) are now standard* CHP water heater, for up to 50kW thermal output in the ...

    By All Power Labs based in Berkeley, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model LogWIN Premium - Log Gasification Boilers

    LogWIN gasification log boilers provide an exceptionally economic method of supplying heating and hot water from sustainable fuel source. Batch burn gasification log boiler - built to last. Large stainless steel combustion chamber ensuring long intervals between refueling. Modulating operation sustains the highest levels of combustion ...

    By Windhager UK based in Marshfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Log Gasification Boilers Product line

  • Novo Energy - Biomass Energy Systems

    Novo provides innovative, community-scaled solutions for renewable energy generation from woody biomass and other solid fuels. The biomass energy systems that Novo provides can either employ the Aireal Gasification System or the Aireal Combustion System to best fit the client requirements for energy conversion.

    By Novo Energy, LLC based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA).

  • ORLIGNO - Model 200 (18, 25, 40, 60, 80 kW) - Wood Gasification Boiler With Air Coolant Fan

    Modern wood gasification boilers use the energy from the wood three times more effectively than appliances with a traditional hearth.

    By Eko-Vimar Orlański based in Otmuchów, POLAND. from Wood Gasification Boiler With Air Coolant Fan Product line

  • Integrated Biomass Gasification Plants

    The integrated biomass gasification plants differentiate from the other plants by the fuel used for electricity generation. Such facilities utilize syngas obtained from solid biomass as fuel for the IC engines.

    By Ebioss Energy based in Sofia, BULGARIA.

  • Gas Production

    Bioenergy 2020+ investigates the current and relevant processes for the conversion of biogenic raw material into biogas as well as product gas Fermentation, Pyrolysis, Fluidised bed gasification, Staged Gasification.

    By BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH based in Graz, AUSTRIA. from Gas Production Product line

  • Utag - Steam Biomass Gasification Technology

    Developed by our Technology Partners in Europe to produce and commercialize a low‐cost, highly efficient, gasification process, with integrated in‐situ gas cleaning for the conversion of organic biomass into an advanced product Syngas with high hydrogen concentration, high heating value (low CO2 content, no N2) and low ...

    By Utag Green Energy Technologies Inc. based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Steam Biomass Gasification Technology Product line

  • Blaze - Gasification Boiler

    Gasification boiler for lump wood, briquettes, wood chips and sawdust.The mechanical fuel weight provides stable heat for 24 hours. PATENTED. Comprehensive corrosion protection - 5-year warranty. PATENTED. Adjustable power from 50% to 130% for long-term quality combustion. Low fuel consumption, 92% efficiency in whole output range. Special ...

    By Blaze Harmony s.r.o. based in Lipník nad Bečvou, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Gasification Boiler Product line

  • ReciproTherm - Model 10-200 MM BTU/Hr - Biomass Energy Systems

    This proven reciprocating grate combustor is ideal for use with difficult to burn biomass fuels. Fully capable of using fuels with moisture contents as high as 55% this combustor features high chrome grate bars, conservative heat release rates, generous furnace volumes, and automatic de-ashing. Ideal for hot gas generation with wet biomass fuel on ...

    By SolaGen Incorporated based in St. Helens, OREGON (USA). from Biomass Energy Systems Product line

  • EnerTek - Model 5-200 MM BTU/Hr - Multi-Fuel Suspension Burner Systems

    This burner product line incorporates dual or tri fuel capabilities for use with finely divided biomass, gas, or liquid fuels. Wide turndown ratios and low excess air requirements demonstrate this combustor’s superior performance and high efficiency. Available as an “Ultra-low” NOx version for difficult permitting applications. ...

    By SolaGen Incorporated based in St. Helens, OREGON (USA). from Multi-Fuel Suspension Burner Systems Product line

  • Biomass Plants

    In biomass power plants, wood waste or other waste is burned to produce steam that runs a turbine to make electricity, or that provides heat to industries and homes. Fortunately, new technologies including pollution controls and combustion engineering — have advanced to the point that any emissions from burning biomass in industrial ...

    By Tuba Turbine GmbH based in Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY.

  • Fluidized Beds

    In combination with a flexible de-coupling of combustion heat via a steam process or a hot air turbine, a flameless stationary fluidized bed combustor (FL-SFBC) serves as a power unit providing electricity and/or heat for local energy demands.

    By aixprocess GmbH based in Aachen, GERMANY.

  • Roda - Model Y Series - Biomass Burner

    This innovative burner is thought for the use in small size domestic boilers (up to 25kw) and has been designed on the basis of our industrial products, seeking the maximum use simplicity for both installer and end customer.  It has removable rear combustion grid, 5 power levels, selection between two fuel qualities and the option to add gas ...

    By Roda Maquinaria Agrícola SL based in Villanova de la Barca, SPAIN. from Biomass Burner Product line

  • Biomass Burners

    Energy Unlimited Inc has been manufacturing and installing sawdust burners for over 15 years. We have supplied sawdust burners forrotary drum dryers drying many products including, alfalfa, wood shavings, sawdust for wood pellets and plastic lumber, shrimp heads, bakery waste and PVC resin. We can attach our sawdust burner to your existing rotary ...

    By Energy Unlimited Inc based in Dodgeville, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Model MCL Bio - Biomass Pellet and Wood Boiler

    Output power: 23 - 1.855 kW. MCL-BIO is an automatic pellet-biomass-wood boiler. Thanks to its special design, it can function on multiple fuels without any change on the body.  The furnace is bi-ax for protection against fire return. The fuel transportation is performed with a feeder, driven by a motoreducer. The combustion air is delivered ...

    By Thermostahl Srl based in Bucharest 6, ROMANIA. from Biomass Pellet and Wood Boiler Product line

  • Whole Bale Gasification Boiler

    HERLT whole bale boiler is the only boiler showing excellent reduced emission values and high efficiencies. The well-engineered gasification-, two stage furnace- and flue gas system is patented world-wide. The boilers range from 85 kW up to 5 MW using straw and miscanthus bales and also baled brush wood and timber logs. They are designed and made ...

    By Ensoleir based in Co Galway, IRELAND.

  • Eco Angus - Model 18kW to 130kW - Log Gasification Boilers

    Eco Angus log gasification boilers are a well-established brand having sold 70,000 Angus super boilers worldwide and 300 boilers in the UK. Eco Angus boilers feature thicker boiler plate than most wood gasification boilers, this results in an long life span of between 20-25 years. Like most biomass boilers the Eco Angus boilers are installed ...

    By Greenthinking Energy Ltd based in Cullompton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Log Gasification Boilers Product line

  • BIOKOMPAKT - Model BV-15 C - Wood Gasification Boilers

    The wood gasification boilers, compact design built according to Austrian Standard EN303-5 for a max. Operating temperature of 90 ° C and a max. Operating pressure of 3 bar suitable. The firebox may be charged with m with ½ logs. Due to the thermodynamic combustion chamber made of boiler combustion exellente values and high efficiency. ...

    By Biokompakt Heiztechnik GmbH based in Waldhausen, AUSTRIA. from Wood Gasification Boilers Product line

  • Biofuels (Biomass)

    With the help of their unique biodrying process, Biogénie supplies institutional and industrial clients with an urban-generated biomass that is a cost-efficient alternative to some biofuels. Boilers that run on natural gas or oil can now be converted to create energy from biomass, a renewable resource. This allows organic matter to return ...

    By Biogenie, a division of EnGlobe corp. based in Quebec, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Linton - Biomass Boilers

    The cost of Biomass fuel is considerably less volatile than oil or gas, and unlike these dwindling fossil fuels, woodpellets are a renewable energy with a secure supply Our Biomass boilers operate up to 93% efficiency and can massively out-perform oil or gas (a typical non-condensing fossil boiler may only be 70% efficient). So your biomass boiler ...

    By Linton Solutions based in Lisburn, UNITED KINGDOM. from Biomass Boilers Product line

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