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  • NEW 12 MW project in Sorø, Denmark - Case Study

    Sorø Fjernvarme New CHP Plant will be based on renewable fuel The local heating utility company called Sorø Fjernvarme is owned by AffaldPlus, who collects green waste from e.g. gardens and public parks in areas around Sorø city. The collected green waste is surplus wood which can be used as fuel in the new plant. This way the energy of the local ...


  • Partnership Makes Biofuel Accessible to Everyone

    Partnership Makes Biofuel Accessible to Everyone

    Of all resources used for global energy consumption, 19.3 percent is renewable energy, of which almost three-quarters is generated from biomass, according to the Renewable Energy Network (REN21). For the production of biocoal, at present woody waste ...

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  • Biochar


    Biochar is also a by-product of our torrefaction reactor technology and is excellent as a soil amendment for the agriculture industries. Biochar can help increase soil fertility, agricultural productivity, and protect against some soil-borne diseases, it may also help mitigate climate change by producing negative carbon dioxide emissions.